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  1. I think you confused me with being the OP, I was just telling me situation as an example of why stopping a stadium built could be a good thing . Also I don't follow much sports and such, and while there is not new stadiums built all the time, is there really any "law" that prohibits a club from building stadiums too often in real life? I can understand the city not wanting to be filled with multiple stadiums for one club, but what about the option of just tearing down the old stadium and build a bigger one if the ground space allows it? Ofc, you would have to play in another stadium while it's going on, like how Tottenham plays in wembley if I remember correctly. Is there anything that stops this from being a possibility if you're not allowed to build more stadiums? The 20 year hard cap is actually not simulating realism if there is no such actual construction law of this. Ofc, it's a huge waste of money to just tear down a stadium when you can sell it in real life, but the game doesn't allow old stadiums to be sold anyway, unless I am mistaken. I would call tearing down a 9-18k stadium down to build a 60k+ when you have won 15 CL In A row a realistic decision. (Not that I have actually accomplished it, but the fact is that I would still play in a 18k stadium even if I did). I'm sure the extra revenue would beat the selling of the old stadium after a while if the city doesn't allow you to built a new stadium on new grounds. Would a city even refuse you when you know that you can fill out a stadium 3-4 times the size? What we consider as a real life decision is based on past occurrences, problem is that there is the discrepancy which you described. In FM games a team can get from 0 to premier league in an absurd time span, something which probably has never occurred in football before. So of course there would be no past occurrences to draw back on to see how realistic a decision is. I am one of those that don't follow sports but love football manager anyway, so idk if there are any from 0 to premier league accomplishments in a absurd time span in real life.
  2. It's definitely a realistic decision, but there has to be a point of compromise between realism and game mechanics. I just hoped they would wait 1-2 seasons before building a new stadium. 20 seasons is a pretty long cap, my saves are usually shorter then that.
  3. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't there a hard cap on how often a stadium can be built? I remember reading that there has to go 20 seasons before a new stadium can be built. In this case stopping new stadium from being built would be a good addition. Here is my situation: when I was promoted to the championship, my board decided to build a new stadium with 9k capacity which could be upgraded to a total of 18k max. Problem is that I wish I could wait till I was promoted to the premier league before building a season, maybe even finish a season and get those tv-money before deciding to build a stadium. So now while I am close to getting promoted to the premier league, I will have to play 20 seasons in the premier league with 9-18k capacity. This is a huge limitation
  4. I was 2mil in the red at around the end of the season in the championship. This is no problem though because I receive 7,5mil at the end of the season for playing in the league. This is how it usually goes when my stadium is still small. Problem though, is that my new season transfer and wage budget is set before the end of the season and before I receive the 7,5mil. My transfer budget is at 90k and wage budget is a bit higher then what I currently spend. I have a bunch of players which needs to be replaced as they are not fit for playing in the championship or barely for league 1. Problem though is that I can not sign any players with a measly 90k transfer budget even on free transfer as agent and signing fees has the be paid, and I can not readjust some of the wage budget without it being absurd. My wage budget last year was 800k after increase mid season. (only used 650k though), but now is set to 690k because i was in the red. But just a few weeks after my new budget I get the mentioned 7,5million which means I have 5million on balance. I though I could increase my transfer and wage budget but I do not even get to make a request and the budget stays this way until next season starts. This means I can not replace my current soon to be released players with free transfers because I can not pay agent fees. I was under a new board regime while season was ending as the chairman retired (new board actually injected 2 million, so I was up to 7million in balance). The old regime were the ones to set the budgets. So even with 7 million in balance I have to work with a non-existent transfer budget and a lower wage budget. And 7 million in balance is the highest we've been at since for ever. It will probably allow me to get an absurd transfer and wage budget when the season officially begins and I can do a board request again. The problem though is that I will be missing all the end of contract players I could get as free transfers. This is how I usually get my players, approach players with less then a month left on their contract and sign them as free transfer. This season however, because my budgets were set 1-3 weeks before I got my end of season money, I have no option to sign more then just a few players and forced to use my 1-2 star players for yet another season. This is just really frustrating to actually have lower budgets then last season when finances is a lot better (I moved to a new stadium with 3 times the capacity and non-rented, so I had more income as well for this season). I guess I will be getting a mediocre season again, and just as I was hoping for a breakthrough season EDIT: oh and I should mention that the 90k transfer budget was the leftover from last season
  5. I'm not sure on the first question, but I sure hope so. I do not see a reason for it not to work if you just replace another team in that league trough create a club mode (as long as you're not doing it via the editor). And regarding the second question, I do not think you will receive any help on that question or if it is even allowed to ask. This is due to legal reasons
  6. The primary requirement is enough money in overall balance for it to be financially viable option to the board. This is very hard since the income is very limited in lower leagues. There is a "shortcut" bypassing the finances though; the English leagues have a rule about club status. If you keep advancing then you will automatically be a pro team at some point, as it is a requirement to be able to play in that league. I don't which league it was though, might have been English league 2, not sure. You can see the rules in the game though, check each league rules on conference and above till you see the must be a pro team rule
  7. Unfortunately you can not choose which scout to scout the opposition. It's a horrible system. Your only choice is to cancel the country/region assignment of his and focus on opposition. Then use your new scout you bought for opposition to take over the country/region if his stats are good enough for that. It is possible to scout the opposition and have your current country assigned to the same scout though, since if both are in same country it does not involve much traveling.
  8. Problem is that Im playing LLM. Got up to the championship and avoided getting relegated. Budget is still very low so I can mostly only get free transfers, and low wages. It is hard to find Non-vanilla roles. My IF players who are unconvincing are actually playing pretty well most of the time, would just have preferred if they could increase their familiarity and play better. Hard to get replacements
  9. That's really disappointing. My AM right and left are natural wingers, while unconvincing at IF. It's really hard getting players in specific roles, and not being able to train them at the expense of lowering their other roles is a big disappointment.
  10. I have problems with the player roles not increasing. I have not seen any of my players even getting 1 ekstra bar in their role familiarity despite training and playing them at that position/role for 2 seasons now. Fx. i am using Inside Forwards in attacking role, all 4 of my players are unconvinced in that role and has been for 2 full seasons now. I have never played them in any other position or role then IF-A. Their training is set to IF and has been for 2 seasons. Am i doing something wrong or should i just expect them to never increase in familiarity? All four players are actually 26 years old, so they are still relatively young. My inside forwards are the best example of this problem, the rest of the squad have the same issues. I have bunch of competent players for 2 seasons straight. To try something new, instead of training them in the desired role, i am now training them in "playing position". They are still playing in the desired position/role as they've been for 2 seasons straight. Was this what i should have done 2 seasons ago? I am very confused with training and role suitability
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