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  1. Since the last steam update, my injuries have gone crazy. Not had many issues injury wise until now, no change of system or training. Look at those injured on dates - it's gone a little nuts!
  2. Hamburg career, first season promoted, 2nd season missed out on the Bundesliga title by 1 point, the 3rd season finished 4th (just) and 4th season won the league by 5 points, and got to 1/4 final of UCL. Going into 5th season now and have a really strong side. GK: Raya or Onana Def: Vagoman, Murilo, Mere, Insua, Friedl, Bernat Mid: Cabellos, Andre Gomes, Samper, Goretzka, Loftus Cheek, Weigl Wings: Riekhof (superb regen) Antonio Marin (one of best players in the world now) Malcom, Welbeck, Fwd: Arp, Jovecic (amazing signing, one of the top forwards around) Few other regens who look really good. Signed a lot of those players above on frees, or very cheap. Utilised loan market heavily until I had built up budgets using prize money. Going into this season I'm 3rd favourite behind Dortmund and Bayern for the league title, ideally want to win the league, get to final stages of the German cup, and get to final few of UCL again. Matter of time until the superclubs come knocking for Arp, Marin & Jovecic. All in the best handful of players globally in their respective positions.
  3. I'm with Hamburg, I'll post some SS later but currently top of Bundesliga in 2nd season with a side vastly improved due to some quality loanees. 10 games to go, I'd be delighted if we won the league but even UCL would seriously beef up the coffers to bring in some talent. I have a very young side, with a couple of potential wonder kids I've signed, alongside Arp of course who I'm sure will be off eventually when a big club come knocking.
  4. I’m top of the Bundesliga in my 2nd season with Hamburg with 10 games to go. Leverkusen 2nd but they’re struggling with fixture congestion. I’ve got Foden & Dani Cabellos on loan and signed very well elsewhere, might sound like the game is easy but my side even in 2nd tier was much better than some Bundesliga sides.
  5. I’m mid second season with Hamburg and doing well in the Bundesliga. Loving the game so far, feels cleaner, more fluid, and tactics and training are superb. Only feedback is feels high on injuries and red cards, and maybe slightly too many penalties compared to football IRL.
  6. Stayed up on the last day (in the prem) now trying to secure mid table in my 5th season. Got a good strong British 11 (all be it with a Frenchman in goal but he's done so well!) trying to keep a UK based side.
  7. Been great, think I have him as a Roaming Playmaker. Certainly worth the £
  8. Won League 1, up into the Champo now. Beat Villa in FA Cup, got to Wembley Semi Final and lost 1-0 to Spurs but gave the bank a good boost in gate receipts, TV money & prize money. Figured out the run made the club around £1.5million. Provisional budget for the champ is £2.6mill, but will mostly go into monthly fees for loans most likely. Need to clear out some dead wood also!
  9. Top of league 1, should win the league, worried financially however. Strong FA cup run is helping, shame most the fixtures in the FA Cup have been away however - need the gate receipts! [/img]
  10. Just finished the demo with Man U, looked down the leagues and Pompey stood out as an obvious choice. There's loads of people on here with posts about them on a variety of threads so thought I'd get something central for members. How is your season going? I've just won my first game 3-1 against Dagenham, with Mason Bennett on loan from WHU getting 2. (also my first ever SI Forum post, after years over on NeoSeeker)
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