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  1. I just upgraded from FM15 to FM17. I like to export my players attributes to excel using the print screen function. In FM15 when I used the print screen menu option it would create a file that included all players that were part of that view. Even if there were 50-60 players, as long as I scrolled up and down the exported file, it would have all 50-60 players. The print screen option in FM17 seems to limit the number of players in the file to approx. 46. You cannot get all of your players into one file using print screen. Am I missing something or did SI change the print screen funct
  2. Tutoring question: Young player has balanced personality with determination of 13 Potential tutor is fairly professional but determination of 8. Q: Is moving personality to fairly professional worth the drop in determination? Thanks
  3. Some of my players dribble the ball too long and get dispossessed. Is there an attribute or PPM that causes this? And is there something I can do to get them to pass the ball before they lose it? Thanks
  4. The option does not show. I can put in a transfer bid but there is no loan option. The game, or the club, doesn't allow me to offer to take a player on loan from a Scottish or Irish side or seemingly anywhere in Europe (this is the first season I can scout Europe). Thanks for the response
  5. In my save I am slowly making my way up through the English divisions and I am now in the Championship. My start this year was very slow and this generated two questions. First, after a promotion does the game put any kind of temporary penalty on a team as they learn how to cope with a new division? I seem to always start slowly the season after promotion. To start this season we had to play in another stadium as required improvements were made to ours. Does this lose home field advantage, does it play like a neutral park? I was 24th after October but I have been playing better, home a
  6. I have spent a lot of time to get the right youth setup and the best HOYD I can find. I was excited this year to find 3-4 newgens who look like real prospects. But when I checked the coach reports two of them could have real problems with injuries and one might have......it certainly ruined my excitement. Is this just luck of the draw or does something in the club setup influence newgens injury tendencies? And does the injury tendency every change or will they have a real problem with injuries when they are 25, not 15?
  7. My player is a model professional, it was just the scouts wording that makes him a complete role model. It looks like the only difference between a model professional and a professional is 1-2 points of professionalism. So given the comment "that we have an ambitious group of players and this player would have to adapt to fit in" he has 20 professionalism and likely single digits in ambition.
  8. Thanks for the reply Dr Hook. I do have a follow up question. I don't see complete role model listed on the various personality guides. When a scout says a player is a complete role model for younger players, what does he mean in terms of the various personality traits?
  9. I am looking at signing a couple of youngsters, one has a professional personality, one is a complete role model. Both for both players my scout says that we have an ambitious group of players and these players would have to adapt to fit in. I have two questions: For training are professionalism and ambition additive, i.e. will the players low ambition take away the value of his professionalism? Or to put it another way, will a player who is both professional and ambitious develop more than a player who is just professional? Secondly, is it possible to tutor this player with anyone other
  10. I was managing a semi-pro team in the Vanarama south where I could sign regens for five pounds a week and terminate them for twenty pounds. I win promotion and the board decide to turn professional. Suddenly the player who cost me twenty pounds to cut last week, now cost me eight thousand pounds to cut. That was a shock and cost me over thirty thousand to cut four players.
  11. Thanks for the response, I will follow your suggestions.
  12. I am managing in the Vanarama Conference. Each year the new crop of regens come into the club. My assistant manager recommends signing 12 or so, however some of them are crap and leave me with too many u18 players. Then I have to release some of them and pay $8k in compensation. There doesn't seem to be an option to sign fewer than he recommends. The inbox option is just to accept his recommendation. Is there a different way to do this? Thanks.
  13. Quick training question.... In FM15, on the team training page, there are general training focus and intensity settings on the top left side of the page. Then there are weekly settings for the same focus and intensity. What is the difference between the general training settings and the weekly settings? Are the weekly settings an override? If so why would you change for one or two weeks? Thanks
  14. I can't find any magicnut on youtube that talks FM. Does anyone have more info that I could search on?
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