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  1. Third season finished. Won the CS (lol), the PL and the CL. Knocked out in the semis against Chelsea in the FA Cup and quite early in the Mickey mouse cup. Lost three games and drew three so didn't break 100 pts in the league unfortunately. Still happy with the season. Edit: Farily happy with my squad, want to bring in Trent A. Arnold from Pool (but they want crazy money for him) and maybe a LB. Eriksen performing but really want Asensio in the no 10 role.
  2. Massive jinx posting here bragging about my results, lost the next game to f**ng Ipswich I'm using 4231, will post roles/duties/tactics next time I'm playing
  3. Thanks Dele, I was aiming for 38/38... lol. Still think it's a new record for me, 24 first games won and 26 wins in a row. Will I make the full season unbeaten?
  4. I sold Lloris in January window (third season) because he said he wanted to move back to France. I wanted to keep him but he had just turned 33 and asked to leave. I got £55mill all up front for a 33 year old gk, think that's a great deal. Scouts rated him three and a half star, and Donnarumma who's only 20 is already a 4 star according to the same scout.
  5. Dolberg, he is unreal on this game. Gelson Martins, assist machine and chips in a goal now and then. Moise Kean also a beast.
  6. I hoping to land Alex Sandro, but I'm a huge FM17 fan of Grimaldo so might go for him hoping he's as good on this game as well
  7. Gonna sell him after this season. I love Ben Davies though and I've bought Ryan Sessegnon, but he's not good enough yet. Guerreiro is great but he's gone to Bayern and another favorite Tierney has gone to City. Looking at Jorge, Grimaldo or Alex Sandro
  8. Anyone sold Rose? I really like him on this game and I'd love to keep him, but he's soooo injury prone! After his serious injury from the beginning of the game I eased him back very carefully, but he injured his knee ligaments and was sidelined for 7 new months. Then when he was fully recovered, the same injury happened in training again and now he's out for four months
  9. Thanks. Inside forward.
  10. I sold Son to Bayern for £50 mill, looking for a replacement. Narrowed it down to these 3 options. Who gets your vote? - Coutinho. World class, superb replacement, will strenghten the squad immediately. Pool finished 7th so I can get him for around £60 mill. - Pulisic. Young, quality - if he gets near the potenitial he had on FM17 he'll be amazing. Only 19 but should improve the squad right away. Will cost more than Coutinho though, avaliable at around £70+ - Dembele. One of the biggest talents on the game? Barca finished 5th (first season, lol!!!) so he's interested in joining. Will cost a lot, around £90+. He's better at right wing though, so if I buy Dembele I'd sell Lamela and have around £40 mill to replace Son. Zivkovic also an option but not sure he's worth £50 mill when I can get one of the above for £10-20 more. If you have anyone else you'd reccommend, please suggest!
  11. Just did, wasn't playing when I posted. Cheers for feedback all! lol at me
  12. I thought a BPD's job was to retain the ball, keep it out of danger and pass it on to more creative players but maybe I'm wrong lol
  13. Yeah you're probably right, playing out of defense with high ball posession it should work, thanks!
  14. Has anyone tried to play with two BPD in a four man back line? Started a save with Spurs and would like to play both Vert and Alderweireld as BPD, wanted some thougts if you think it'll work.
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