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  1. I have a samsung galaxy tab s2, since the update if I press tactics during a match the game crashes. I am half way through my 2nd season, very anniying!!!
  2. Personally I tried 4-2-3-1 and I found it defensively insecure. However, if you want to stick with it, I would lower the tempo, and make your width fairly narrow and use the offside trap.
  3. Hi All, Just got FM Touch 2017 on my tablet, the question I have I assume relates to all versions of the game. I am trying to set up a high press tactic with Arsenal, I have set the team instructions to a high line with pressing as high as it can go. The confusing thing is, when clicking on some of the individual player instructions, the players are set to "less" for closing down, and what's more is that you can't set the bar any higher. Is this a bug or something I am missing with the tactics? Thanks Mike
  4. I have FM Touch on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 but I bought and installed it through the play store, I didn't use steam..........
  5. I am in second season with Arsenal. Since the start I have not had any media interaction at all. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7.
  6. Signed Pogba for Arsenal for £55 million in the January window of the first season!
  7. I think the point here is, in real life Ozil is quite clearly given the freedom to do what he likes and that results in 88% pass completion, Wenger has said himself that although Ozil is expected to help out defensively, when he is attacking, he just does what comes naturally to him. If you give him a similar role on FM, his pass completion is well down. In real life Ozil uses his intelligence to gauge when to try a killer through ball, just because you ask him to make more risky passes in FM should not mean he just tries it all the time even when the chances of the ball being successful are really low.
  8. This has happened to me when going to opposition instructions. I reloaded and it kept doing the same thing every time. So for one game I avoided going to opposition instructions, luckily I won the game. By the next game, opposition instructions was fine. Strange.
  9. You can't do team talks which will have some affect. I only have the touch version on my Galaxy Tab S2 and I have found it hard but have recently stumbled across a new tactic which has me top of the prem with Arsenal, and unbeaten after 10 games.
  10. I got this update as well, what does the update actually do?
  11. In FM Touch there is no tactic familiarity bar, does this mean tactic familiarity is not relevant in touch? Also do the individual instruction settings disturb the tactic familiarity?
  12. Thanks Cleon for this thread it has been an eye opener. I have a general question though, the opposition instructions, do they interfere with the tactics you have set? Do people generally clear them before starting the game or just leaving them as per the assistant manager suggestions?
  13. Started a game of FMT on my tablet, I just started with the English leagues as was concerned about performance but it is really fast. Am I able to add new leagues in the game or do I have to start a new game?
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