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  1. I think the grey area is because MORE and MORE Gamers love to stick Match Stats, and other Game info on the sides of the screen without blocking the field. You'll notice this year, if you drag the stats, some anchors will appear at the screen sides to support in pinning
  2. Put More focus on the online gaming platform. People love challenges and there's nothing that screams FUN & EXCITING Challenge as assembling your team and coaching knowledge to try to beat the vast world of online opponents. Playing against CPU isn't great anymore. This is only going to be a segment, away from the standard career mode. Aspects of this Feature: It's going to be an almost similar Replica of PES's myClub feature obviously without the ability to directly control players on the field but rather manage them the FM way, scream shouts, sub them, etc. - Gamers are g
  3. A GIF is an image that behaves like a video, an image that moves, you know what it is. Thing is We have SOOOO Many Player roles with a lot of ENGLISH that's sooo Confusing, I just pick up a role because it sounds nice, or because it looks like he'll be doing more like "Complete Wingback, Complete Forward, Box to Box". Problem is the roles like Volante vs Mezzala, Inverted Winger vs Inside Forward, Trequartista vs False Nine. In the next versions we need to steal an idea from PES to better explain these roles. PES has a nice GIF or whatever it is to try to explain player movement for
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