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  1. Every Time the AI Keeper touches the ball or played to him, two players chase him like zombies, 1 player is enough. And Gengenpress needs working
  2. There doesn't seem to be any difference between home matches and away matches. As a top club, I expected Complete Domination of the game against smaller sides, very fluid and very intensive attacking play. i don't know why NERVES are popping up at home matches against smaller sides. I don't think you'll ever see Liverpool losing at Anfield in a League Match to Swansea. Not Happening even if they are drunk and blindfolded. And I don't think a player like Jordan Henderson can be nervous in such a match. He's going to be 100% Confident. There needs to be a feel for home games, so far every match feels the same
  3. Fourth Time I'm seeing players react abnormally to their fellow players or the ball, this time it's an injured player and they totally ignore him. The referee even steps on him and continues play, Even Teammates can't stop play??????? This is ABNORMAL. Watch that Liverpool goal. Liverpool v Watford Unacceptale Play.pkm
  4. Hi @Federico, @Jemal Wiseman, Just to reopen the issue again, I encountered AI Player who missed the first penalty shot and this time instead of freezing he dashed for the rebound only to be blocked by the keeper and further cleared out for a corner by another player. So what really is going on here???????? The Penalty is punched out but it rolls towards Pizzi who dashes for it In this image You can see he ran for the rebound only to get blocked by the keeper and Van Seeters cleared the lose ball, so which is which?? Sheffield Wednesday v Watford Penalty miss.pkm
  5. Hi @Rob Heckman, The player somehow wanted to leave so he came to me and forced me to promise to sell him. Then below is the sequence of events: 1. The Player was very interested in Shanghai SIPG, I accepted the offer 2. A second club (Beijing Gouan) made an offer which was not good enough so I rejected, he was more interested in Shanghai SIPG anyway. 3. The Player became annoyed as soon as I rejected the second offer which he wasn't interested in but he's already in talks with Shanghai which he's very interested in. - I think he was expecting any bids to be accepted because of the promise. - The promise is not broken yet by rejecting one club and accepting another club.
  6. For the first time in over 6 seasons, a keeper finished a match with below 6.8 rating, keepers in FM20 are super Manuel Neuers and Alissons so I think this is a bug, he was supposed to save all kinds of shots like a wall but he didn't. Watford v BATE Borisov first time keeper performs poorly.pkm
  7. In Other News, this player conceded 252 goals in 4 matches, and had more cleansheets than the number of matches played:
  8. I had no idea where to post this so I put it here intentionally where an Admin can read it and do move it to the right location. Danilo Leonardo is not currently at the club but appears in the dream eleven, what's a Corinthians Player doing in a Premier League dream XI. Fm20 is FULL of very funny bugs, the moment I started playing it I could just feel the loose screws, I see they made an improvement where the odds change often with whatever is happening in the game but they might have interfered with something else and broke it.
  9. The game has taken Fernando Torres worst season at Chelsea and applied it to all the Human Led strikers, Why can't they take Lewandoski's season as well?????
  10. Where is the realism in this game???? That blue shirt is my defender, instead of running towards the ball, he ignores it and runs past it letting Batshuayi have it. But I guess in Football Manager this isn't a bug, This season is a nightmare by the way, it just feels like the game has a very itchy urge for such headlines, and they are tooo many, Liverpool had only 1 such headline in real life. we get it surprise results are normal but 12 surpise results in a season is just tooo much. My players are now ignoring the ball to create surprise results.
  11. You focus on the STATS yet even the stats is broken so what are you doing on the stats?? I have even posted a bug on the stats, If a goal cannot be recorded as a shot on target are you removing somethings from the stats to match real world football??? This is becoming a joke
  12. i really wonder if @FrazT plays this game, 1v1 issue happens to everyone in every game, we have 10 chances per match where 1v1 won't work, but the AI will score 90% of their 1v1s. I haven't put focus on setpieces and long range shots but it seems this is the only way to score now. What a broken game. Sooo many bugs but this is the MAJOR ONE that needs fixing, fix it and go for Corona Holiday while you wait for FM21, we can manage the other bugs. I can't believe we are pleading with SI Team to fix a bug yet we paid for the game. Testers are quick to brush out anything as "NOT A BUG". Something that has been raised Constantly by the Whole Community. This is UNACCEPTABLE!!!
  13. Fergie Never used them, half time team talks was his trick so if you coded the game to use match shouts to win something is wrong.
  14. Very Normal Goal within the Football Manager World, get used to it, not a bug. Close Thread. haha
  15. At least fix One thing that will make everyone happy, the Goalkeepers seem impossible to beat. The 1v1 is a serious issue everything else can be postponed but that 1v1 should be fixed. You say more people are enjoying the game than ever before, how many are using downloaded Match Engine exploit tactics??? Because Normal Tactics DON'T Work with this goalkeeper issue. just conduct a poll. The rest of the bugs we can live with, haha. On A serious note, this year the matches are hard even Sancho can't help
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