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  1. Ah 2 years of stunted growth for poor Toby Wells! Thanks for the change and update
  2. Ukraine joined in 2027 on a previous save, ill try to grab a shot for you.
  3. Not a league but a player, the mystery of Toby Wells.... He was in FM20 as well as a free agent, had a period at Barrow after his Aberdeen record apparently but the biggest part that always got me was his height. Surely a error? 4'11 defender ?!? Thats one inch off Dwarfism (4'10) Cant find much about him but it does say hes taller on Trasnsfermarkt.com
  4. For the record id be interested in joining a discord for researching / editing. My son ( I have a newborn) kicked right off last night so I didn't get a chance to mess about on the data base. Im trying to sort a few bits using BoyinGreen's files. One major issue seems to be the first league game being in October. Ive ran a SIM and everything goes fine, just seems really odd.
  5. No just removal of the EU agreement, I have kept the standard Work Visa's in place. Ill have a play anyway tonight see if I can get rid of them as well.
  6. IS this using BoyinGreen's file or your own? If your own then yeah there are fundamental issues with team allocations which messes up validation as soon as you switch to advanced rules. If its BoyinGreens work then that's very odd because I managed to remove Brexit and Verify. (I am going to post up a No Brexit version of this patch on Steam later but obs will give BoyinGreen full credit)
  7. Alright, there is a file which fixes the leagues nicely and I will mod that to a Brexit removal patch tonight and then post it on the Steam workshop. Will drop a copy in here as well.
  8. You can probably see what team I roll with based on the highlighted one above! I will make 6th tier and above playable and if its anything like FM20 I will steam roll up to the Van National and can happily forget about anything bellow!
  9. North is identical 2 up 3 down 22 total all years Van National is 2 up 4 down 24 teams all years The lower tier teams start with around 15 teams then bounce up to 20 - 22 but i would imagine this is the game back filling, there are no leagues in 2023 with 24+ teams or less than 19 Odd. What is happening to that extra team?!
  10. Explain this anyone? Its The English Southern League Prem Central 20/21 21/22 22/23 Why was there no playoff promotion 21/22? Or is it winner plays loser do you think?
  11. 2020/21 and 21/22 So where is that extra relegated team going.....
  12. Of course mate. I wanted to do this whole thing myself, i did last year.
  13. im the same mate ran a sim until 2023 and all is fine. Now going to remove brexit and some other tweaks and good to go.
  14. Yeh author has set it up as a challenge to get them up from bottom to Prem.
  15. Someone (not me!) has managed to get down to Tier 10 sorted and verified. Its up on Steam workshop under the name "Hard Youth Challenge" Im running a 5 year Sim now, will report back.
  16. There is one on the Steam workshop already. The problem is that the files will not verify due to league issues, the guy on the workshop has bought Bury back from the dead and promoted a couple of other teams just to get Brexit working. I played with it last night and swapped a team around so its working, just a real mess around. Last year you simply had to advanced nation rules agreement and untick a box ( in principle its the same this year but made a whole load harder by the fact the leagues rules are an utter mess)
  17. If anyone manages to sort this can you do a No Brexit version as well please. Did it myself last year it just a mess this year
  18. Great.... so T7 and below is not going to happen until SI fix this...... no idea why they dont just spend an hour adding them officially.
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