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  1. I hope it is truly random. I for one will be reloading every single time the news item appears to see if i get a hard brexit! Hopefully it will fix the issue i've always had with English teams and the national team constantly winning the major competitions.
  2. Always bugged me about FM. I've had a case where an English team got relegated but won the FA Cup so were in the Europa. They finished mid table in the Championship yet somehow won the Europa!!
  3. I always thought that English teams (and England) seem to do shockingly well every year in FM but this is just ridiculous xD
  4. Looking at it that is indeed the case. Thanks for clearing it up! I didn't know the winner of the Europa League got a place in the CL.
  5. I am simulating through some seasons on FM and noticed that there is a bizarre situation with regards to the teams competing in the Champions League. This is for the 2021/22 season. The teams that finished 1-4 in Barclays Premier League: Chelsea, Arsenal, Man Utd, Liverpool Teams competing in the Champions League group stage for 2022/23: Arsenal, Chelsea, Man Utd, Liverpool, Man City and Hull. Why are there six English teams competing in this particular season? I'm guessing it's a bug.
  6. Far too many goals from crosses. Kinda ruining the fun when i am playing my youth winger and he is still banging the assists in.
  7. If I am managing a big club I go onto their online shop and customise a jersey with my new signing's name to see how it looks.
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