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  1. Which tactic would be best for Everton? In the game not the Beta I meant sorry.
  2. It's ok I have found it now thanks again
  3. Thank you my friend any chance you could post a link? Thank you
  4. Which version would be best to use with Everton? 17.3? Thanks
  5. Hey my friend can this tactic be used with Everton? Thanks in advance
  6. Woolyblue


    Can you use the filters from total insanity? v3 i meant sory pal
  7. Woolyblue

    Pure insanity!

    Hiya mate just wondering which of these tactics would be better suited to Everton? Thanks
  8. I saw your Everton team set up and Distin and Jagielka were in each others position with Distin on the right centre and Jagielka on the left centre
  9. Do the centre backs have to be opposite side? and if you have a good ass man can they do the teamtalks?
  10. Woolyblue

    Pure insanity!

    Are the filters still relevant? Thanks
  11. Woolyblue

    Pure insanity!

    Got to say mate this tactic is awesome unbeaten start to the season two games to go and I hopefully would have made it to xmas unbeaten.
  12. Woolyblue

    Pure insanity!

    this may seem like a daft question but what do you mean by 50% attacking movement?
  13. Woolyblue

    Pure insanity!

    how do you set your team up? i am Everton aswell
  14. can someone please point me in the direction of the vanilla tac with the better defence please? i am about to have a brain fart otherwise as i am very confused!!