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  1. Je poste ici pour le futur moi. -Force : Physique 18 -Aérobic : Physique 18 -Gardien : Entraînement gardiens 18 -Tactique : Tactique 18 -Ctrl du ballon : Technique 20 + Mental 10 ou Technique 19 + Mental 14 ou Technique 18 + Mental 18 -Défense : Défensif 20 + Tactique 10 ou Défensif 19 + Tactique 14 ou Défensif 18 + Tactique 18 -Attaque : Offensif 20 + Tactique 10 ou Offensif 19 + Tactique 14 ou Offensif 18 + Tactique 18 -Tirs : Technique 20 + Offensif 10 ou Technique 19 + Offensif 14 ou Technique 18 + Offensif 18 -Cps pd arrêtés : Technique 20 + (Mental+Offensif 30) ou Technique 19 + (Mental+Offensif 33) ou Technique 18 + (Mental+Offensif 36) ou Technique 17 + (Mental+Offensif 39) (Merci à Coach mat de footmanager.net)
  2. First of all, thanks for your answer. But I had other problems and now I'm on a new game.. I waited few hours and thought nobody would answer me so I left both my club and national team and went on holiday without auto-stop, in hope the game would heal by himself with time. But it went crazy when auto-save happend, told me the usual message the game could not be saved, then hints that appears during downloadings/saves accelerated, about 1 every 2 secondes, and never stoped. So I left the game and as I'm stupid I tried to remove the backup, sending a copy to office but erasing the original and not using Recycle Bin.. It was probably time to start a new one, I had 7.0.0 version and so updated to 7.0.2, I should enjoy it. But damn.. That game was huge, was a crazy race between me and Ancelotti for first place in Pantheon, the boy earning many more money that what I thought the game could give, and had "Ancelotti Stadium" under construction for 2021, slightly bigger then Azteca. I still have my first place in Pantheon as a reminder. However, if this kind of problem happend to me again now I know what to try and for this thanks a lot.
  3. I guess nobody can help me, but I try in case of, and by the way sorry for talking about technical issue in this forum but this very old version of Football Manager has no dedicated forum. When I try to save the game, after a longer than usual loading, FM just tell me the game could not be saved. I'm in 2018 in my save, so played many seasons and had many success, reached top in pantheon without cheating (but starting in Barcelona) and in my last game I couldn't reached 2019 too. I did no change to the database, I just made a save of the original database because in the original save Germany and Netherlands national teams can't play real players. I have one backup but the only way to try is by quiting the game and download it, in case something I did in between broke the game (which would surprise me I did nothing more than usual), but I'm actually doing huge performances with my new team, close to brake their 10 years record of unbeaten matches. **** this I want to keep my save. If by a miracle someone had this problem and solve it without starting a new game please explain me.
  4. First, sorry I'm french and I don't speak correct english. I have the famous problem to run the game, I make this new thread in hope that somebody will send me a message for explain to me how to run the game, the famous illegal way. I have not a powerfull computer, this is the last version I can use correctly, and remember when I was a kid, 2007 was a good version. I have buy it, so LEGAL way, I am in right to know how to play the game. I'm not gonna be mad with moderator but please I don't want to lose my time in answer if I have the last patch or things like that, the only thing I want to know is how to play the game even if I must hack nasa or **** like that (joke, but It break my balls) Big thanks to the person who gonna answer to me, in hope it's gonna have one.
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