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  1. ookie

    Pirates having A headache...

    i'm making a point, as ridiculously harsh and pointless as Chris did, i honestly for one minute do not believe that he has never done anything ever to break copyright like he claims, he obviously thinks a lot of himself so we'd never get an honest answer. Whyat about you Gillsman? ever taped anything from the TV? made a mixtape for some unlucky lass? or are you a criminal and a thief like the rest of us?
  2. ookie

    Pirates having A headache...

    i don't believe you chris, get back to jail with the nonces and the Junkies, you lowlife criminal
  3. ookie

    Pirates having A headache...

    never downloaded anything then Chris, not even one song off the net? saved a few copyrighted pictures? ever copied or burned a music CD? i'm sure you'll have done something that's broken some sort of copyright, and you know what that makes you A THIEF! no matter how much you try and justify your beliefs!!! stop breaking the law, CRIMINAL!!!!! you should be locked up with all the others etc.
  4. ookie

    Pirates having A headache...

    unlike the people who bought the game legally of course
  5. I asked the exact same question and was not answered so i assumed there wasn't an answer other than 'we can't stop this happening' which would look bad as a response
  6. that's not how the song goes
  7. "He posted on the SI forums"
  8. read Ackters post you arse and take a look at my Elisha Cuthbert fansite
  9. but how would he manage to fit in his TV appearances to flog the game?
  10. tell me then, what is wrong with this thread? it seems like it would be a theoretical legal debate if loads of silly sods didnt just jump down his throat from the start
  11. seriously, you people on thix board make me sick, it's just a good intelligent theory and argument someone has posted for discussion, and the abuse from the sycophantic fanboys is pathetic, yes we realise you love the ****ing game, you don't win extra points by mindlessly slagging everyone else off who has an opinion which isn't SI R GREAT
  12. it's an exploit of the game, it completely ruins the fun for me.
  13. seriously though... you know it works... but why are you using the corner cheat?