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  1. 1) Edit Team and Competition names on a tablet (iOS, dunno if it's possible on others); 2) No budget option on Season 1
  2. Thanks. Only thing that annoys me is the fact that club and competition names cannot be edited on an ios tablet. Other than that I'm fine.
  3. Sorry if this has already been asked, but it's been a while since I've visited this forums. Can I edit team names and competitions in FM Touch? And can I edit on PC, tablet or both versions? And adding graphics like club and competition logos? Can I add them on FM touch just like in FM? In both PC and tablet versions? Thanks in advance!
  4. Good post, just one question though: your point 6. I never used shouts on my tactics (and on previous FM versions). Do I really need to use them to be successfull? Thanks in advance!
  5. It's when I read threads like this, despite all the bugs mentioned in foruns, that I realize how FM is addictive!!! KUTGW!
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