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  1. FMC / FMT Wishlist Thread

    1) Edit Team and Competition names on a tablet (iOS, dunno if it's possible on others); 2) No budget option on Season 1
  2. Thanks. Only thing that annoys me is the fact that club and competition names cannot be edited on an ios tablet. Other than that I'm fine.
  3. Sorry if this has already been asked, but it's been a while since I've visited this forums. Can I edit team names and competitions in FM Touch? And can I edit on PC, tablet or both versions? And adding graphics like club and competition logos? Can I add them on FM touch just like in FM? In both PC and tablet versions? Thanks in advance!
  4. Good post, just one question though: your point 6. I never used shouts on my tactics (and on previous FM versions). Do I really need to use them to be successfull? Thanks in advance!
  5. I am playing Sporting CP, and got Balotelli for free at Winter Transfer Window (I had to pinch myself). Got 12 goals in 7 matches. Great stuff. Then, in March, he says is unhappy because is unsettled. Since he is gold to my team, I grant him a month leave of absence. A month later, a strange message with no title displayed says "Having previously been given leave of absence to cope with personal problems in March 2011, Balotelli's latest transgression could be the start of an alarming willingness to test the club's disciplinary procedures..."! OK, so I give hime a warning. He feels it's unfair, but his general happiness mantains "Please to have joined Sporting". 1 week later I fine him. He's shocked and says it's undeserved. Still no change on general happinness. He is still absent. Start to think it's a bug!
  6. Redknapp retirng after 2 seasons?

    Maybe he was tired of seeing things like the Nani goal, over and over... LOL
  7. Touchline ban

    LOL, thanks for that... I usually go for ass man handle PC's! And when I handle them, I'm always giving benefit of the doubt!
  8. Touchline ban

    Sorry for the basic question , as I play the game since 1992, and know this is a FM recent adition: How do I get banned? I know it's related to criticism of referees, but I never saw or looked for that in the game... Thanks in advance!
  9. It's when I read threads like this, despite all the bugs mentioned in foruns, that I realize how FM is addictive!!! KUTGW!
  10. Teamtalk for misfiring striker?

    I always go for: "You have faith..." until the drought is over! "Expect..." I think is better employed on over-confident players, or players who need a "shake-up"! Goals are a matter a confidence!
  11. Turn off press conference

    Total agreement on that! That's the follow-up SI should take on PC's!
  12. FM11 just started updating

    Hotfix??? Thanks SI!
  13. Editing Competition Names

    But I want the short name to be "World Cup"! Problem is, when I edit the long name to "FIFA World Cup", the result on the competition screen is "World Cup" instead of "FIFA World Cup"... And when I right-click the competition name I see "FIFA World Cup". With "UEFA Champions League" and "Champions League" it works perfectly! Not a big problem, but I like to keep the football environment as realistic as possible...
  14. Editing Competition Names

    I'm sorry if this has already been asked, but i didn't find anything, in a forum search. I've edited certain competition names in FM 2010 editor, same way as I did in previous FM versions. Question is, 3 of them seem to have a problem when editing them. They are: World Cup to: FIFA World Cup (Long Name) Confederations Cup to: FIFA Confederations Cup (Long Name); European Football Championship to: UEFA Euro (Long Name); The problem is after loading the game, on those competitions, in their main screen, they only show the short name instead of the long one (World Cup, Confederations Cup, Euro), but when i right click on them I see the long name. Is this a (minor) bug or is it related to legal issues (trade marks)? Thanks