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  1. Just to add to this.... I originally posted saying it happened twice in a row, it's actually just happened 4 times in a row, all of which were players who played the majority of games in a title winning season, so it seems a bit odd
  2. Summary: Player asking to leave 1 day after agreeing a lesser role in the team Description of Issue: Twice in a row at the end of the season i've had players come along and say they don't feel they're starting enough games. Both resulted in them agreeing to take a lesser role (E.G. from Star player to important player) but then one day later they come back in and say they want to leave because they believe they aren't good enough to play for the team Steps to Reproduce: Either make it more difficult for them to agree first time around or get rid of the second meeting where they come
  3. Hi @Jimmy Wong Dxdiag attached - Normally the game opens up at full screen and standard 100% zoom, I change mine to Windowed and 95% zoom, no other changes For me this isn't a major issue and i can happily wait for another upgrade for it to be fixed, it isn't affecting gameplay in anyway and only takes a few seconds to fix each time Thanks! DxDiag.txt
  4. Hi @Jimmy Wong From reading threads today it seems a lot of us are having this same issue since the update a few days ago. When you open the game you can get straight back into the preferences and change to windowed and change your zoom settings and it will stay in tact until you next close the game down. Whenever you next open the game it takes you straight back to full screen and full zoom. It doesn't seem to be affecting any of the other preferences (I.E. autosaving, cacheing etc..) it's just the screen size and zoom settings that it seems to be forgetting every ti
  5. Similar issue here - I can have the game in windowed, the option is there.... but for some reason since the update yesterday every time I open the game for the first time it goes straight back to full screen and full zoom(I normally play on windowed and 95% zoom), just seems to be knocking my screen preferences out every time I close the game but keeps all the other preferences the same. Not a major error but if it's happening to a lot of people then maybe worth looking into!
  6. Hi @Jimmy Wong I've got back from being abroad and loaded the game up and it seemed to load up no problem. Looks like something within the latest update may have fixed it. I'll keep an eye on it in case it happens again Thanks!
  7. Hi @Jimmy Wong Yeah it just seems to be that specific save, I started a new game after the full game launched to test and that one loads fine. It only started happening once I got a couple of months into the second season. I'm going to be abroad for a week without my laptop so if the issue is still ongoing when I get home I will upload and let you know Thanks!
  8. @Lucas the file is 81.8mb, 5 leagues (Top division only) and 4 other countries where only players from top division clubs are loaded (Around 32,000 players in total from memory). But this is the same settings as my other saves and the same as it was this morning and it loaded fine then (Maybe around 30 seconds), something has changed since this afternoon that is causing the game to load slower. The same happened on the beta when closing the game but the update seemed to fix this I've tried deleting preferences and cache to load again but still getting the slow loading time on this particu
  9. Hi! So i've had a save game that I started on the BETA around a week ago and i've played it every day since with no problem (Including today) - However today upon restarting the game, it seems to be taking an abnormally long time to load the save. First couple of times I tried to load it, It took that long that I closed the game through the task manager but I tried it again, went away for 20 mins and came back to it and the game actually seemed to have loaded up (But then I tried to load it again just to test and the same thing happens) I have no problems starting a new game a
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