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  1. Well they do have a minor premiership for that reason. It's a bit like AFL where the finals is more for entertainment reasons. Underdog can still win the major premiership.
  2. As Weiry mentioned, he will be creating a database that includes what you're looking for. I've given him permission to use my WA database for this also. In the mean time I'm putting my time into researching and actually getting this stuff on FM in more detail.
  3. Yeah unfortunately it's not the full Australian pyramid. It's just one league as stated which the Western Australian NPL, which I've attempted to make as true as I can. So no promotion to the A-League in this one, however you could use it as a stepping stone in your managerial career. Though I haven't ruled out adding in a promotion/relegation system and creating NPLs in other states in future
  4. The competition format is as close as you can get to how it would be played in real life. So I have not tampered with the teams in each competition. This purely just the NPL WA as true to real life as you can possibly get, which was the goal of the project. All players, staff members and board members included with correct info and abilities. I was also supposed to add the real life NPL WA media team to the database, except there is a bug in the editor which doesn't let you do so at the moment unfortunately. I found that it was actually a heap of fun playing with NPL teams, and even majority of signings are quite accurate. Also a few young high potential players at some clubs if you can find them.
  5. Here is a link to download my NPL WA database. I've released two versions. The only difference is that one has 24 matches and the other has 48. For the most realistic NPL WA experience possible, I recomend trying out the 24 match version here. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=801163433&searchtext=NPL For players who enjoy a packed season with lots of games for development and competitiveness, I recommend trying out the 48 match version here. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=801145229&searchtext=NPL Feel free to leave any comments below. Any feedback is very helpful. Thanks.
  6. Hello everyone, I'll be releasing my custom NPL WA database shortly. It'll be available on the steam workshop and I'll also post a link in this thread. It features all NPL WA players with up to date info, which is correct as of round 12. It has full staff and board as well. The goal was to make it as close to the NPL WA as possible in terms of data collection. Please post any feedback you have here and I'll be sure to make the requested changes. Majority of NPL WA players don't feature in the game currently (but you can be sure they will by the winter update), so this will compensate for that and allow you to have an even better NPL experience if you wish. I'll be posting a link very shortly. So let me know what you guys think.
  7. I'm experiencing this problem and I'm running custom editor data. Haven't tried uninstalling/reinstalling the game. Should I? Problem only occurs when I use my custom editor data. Never happened on my previous tests. Made over 1500 changes so I hope there's a solution. Edit: Tried sending my custom database to my friend. He loaded it up on his computer and he got the same problem. So something seems to be wrong with the edited data. Anything I can do to fix this? I just want to be able to keep the changes I've made. Spent so much time on it.
  8. Definitely invest in the future. Youth players are key on FM in the A-League with the restrictions. Pretty sure you can get Pasquali on a youth deal (which is unrealistic but possible). If you're looking for an LB check out Jake Sardelic from Armadale. Chuck some scouts in the NPL Vic ASAP as there are a lot of A-League quality players there. You may have to scrape through your first season but definetly be on the look out for A-League players whos contracts are expiring. A lot of Perth players have 1 year remaining. Haven't checked him out this year but I remember blowing all of my transfer money on Ryan Williams in FM16 and he did not disappoint. Ended playing at my club till he was in his 30's. Club legend. Best signing I ever made. So if you ever find the money for him I'd recommend it. I managed to get him on a regular contract too for like $1200.
  9. Depends what's in their contract and promises you make. Often players with backup status in their contract don't really complain for me. If their contract says first team, then they expect to be making the match day squad every time pretty much. So they get angry quicker if you don't play them.
  10. Players could be disappointed initially but will get over it if the team continues to do well. I had a top class goalkeeper once who I sold for a high price while he was old enough to still get money out of. Didn't really effect my players too much. They get over it reasonably quick providing you still win. That's what happened for me at least.
  11. I experienced something similar. I took on the Australia U23's at about 2020 and there seems to be little competition with most countries not even having a manager for this age group. When I chose to resign for a different national team the U23's job was left vacant and still is vacant in 2024. Even as the Australia boss I can't find any of the AI's to take on the role when I offer it to them.
  12. Means the players are only part time and in most cases the players and staff will have full time jobs on top of their football commitments, however, they may still receive financial compensation for playing for their clubs. Basically it's in between Amateur and professional status.
  13. Hello! If you have anything constructive to post relating to Western Australian football I want to hear it! The purpose of this thread to is to help generate healthy discussion about the WA state leagues and more importantly, relating that to the FM data base! You can also discuss the Perth Glory A-League team if there's any suggestions you'd like to put forward. Whenever you suggest to make player changes please back it up with sources wherever possible to validate your claims. Feel free to post WA related transfer updates and request player changes but again please do back up what you say with sources wherever possible. This thread in particular can be used to alert the research team of any inconsistencies or issues regarding the WA research should you find any. Enjoy!
  14. I found that Harold and Fernandez were goal scoring machines for me when I played with Glory. Ryan Williams and Dylan Burns were the best signings I ever made. They're still with me in 2023.
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