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  1. I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this or not so I apologise if not. Basically I would love to get some info/insight about the shadow striker role as for some reason I'm not too sure of, I like the idea of it and often use it in my tactics without actually knowing too much about it. I would like some input into how to use it and if I'm using it in a good formation/system with the other roles I have set. I currently play a 4-2-3-1 formation with an attacking mentality and fluid team shape. The player roles are: SK/S FB/S CD/D CD/C WB/A BBM/S CM/D W/A SS/A AF/S AF/A I would prefer to have my striker as a complete forward but don't currently have the players available to do this.
  2. I have started a new save as a created team of my hometown based on harrogate town in the vanarama north league. I have never started a save managing a team this low down (usually start around league 2). I am just looking for any advice anyone could give on tactics, training, good players to sign. Anything really which might help. The board expect me to achieve promotion playing an attacking style of football. I have had a reasonable start but could be better (w2 d3 l1). I am currently 8th but only 4 points behind 1st. The tactic I am currently using is 4-2-3-1 with attacking mentality. Hope this isn't too vague and someone can offer some kind of advice. Cheers in advance.
  3. Ok cheers maybe I should post it in the tactics area then
  4. I have just got fm16 (xmas present from gf which she instantly regrets) and have started a career with a created team of my hometown. I based the team on harrogate town in the vanarama north and have never started a save in this low a league. So the real question here is if anyone has experience in these leagues as to good players to sign/tactics/training anything at all really. I am not doing too bad so far but could be better. Only 4 games played w1 d3 l0. Also I created a player who I possibly made too good for my level as his contract runs out in the summer and he refuses to sign a new one as I don't have a good enough team for his ambition. He has been POM in every game so far (only 4 but still an average rating of 8.6). One last thing is I am expected to reach the playoffs. Not sure if there is enough information here or if people can help but if anyone can with anything it will be appreciated. Thanks
  5. I am looking for help setting up set piece instructions as I dont really have many ideas on the best way to do this
  6. I am looking for help setting up set piece instructions as I don't have much idea on the best methods
  7. Enjoyed reading this. Hope to apply some of it to my game later
  8. My tactics are quite attack minded at the moment but that is because the board want me to play attacking football
  9. Yeah I've tried that. Sorry I should have said that I've tried team talks and also talking to players individually. Also I have arranged a friendly in the international break against a very low level team to hopefully improve morale
  10. I need help raising the morale of my team and hopefully improving results. I am playing the game as Wycombe and just won promotion to the premier league last season as overachievers. I am currently in the middle of January and bottom of the league 8 points from safety. The board expect me to avoid relegation this season. I had a couple of unhappy players which I have got rid of in the January transfer window. I am still struggling to raise morale though. My team is also conceding a lot of goals. Any help would be appreciated.
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