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  1. Haha I just have actually (got a good deal on the older lad). I do tend to buy players that are better across the board. Just wondered if there were any downsides. Cheers Dr Hook.
  2. Thanks for the reply. i will use an example instead. I'm in the process of replacing my long standing centre back at the moment. The two guys I have are a 4 star rated CB with 13+ in all relevant attributes (some are as high as 17) except for one which is a 8 (might be positioning but I can remember) the other is a 2 star rated 20 yr old CB who has 12/13 across the board and much cheaper. Would you go for the guy who has the big attributes or the guy who is competent across the attributes? Sorry if I wasn't clear earlier.
  3. When selecting players for certain positions are attributes the number one consideration? Or are there other things that should be taken into account?
  4. What attributes would I need to look for in players that will be part of a high pressing possession based team? Also what is the best formation to carry that out?
  5. Cheers guys for the replies. On to a question I'm sure is stupid but is their anyway to see who is playing a position better via stats, for instance which of my APs makes more key passes, assists, passing accuracy etc or is it just something I'll have to create in my squad view or each position? I thought maybe match rating would help but it isn't position specific annoyingly enough.
  6. The players that I groom for those two wide positions are taught cut inside from an early age. Would you suggest the channels ppm as well?
  7. Cheers, am halfway through my season with Liverpool and am currently holding 1st by 6 points. Will test this and see how the second half goes. I'm generally not a huge fan of excessive PI's so I guess this goes against the grain but for good reason. I read somewhere that simply putting them on W(a) will have a successful outcome but I'm unsure of that one.
  8. Okay this isnt exactly stupid but has probably been answered somehwere... How do i go about transferring my AML/R who are currently IF(a) and get them to function from the ML/R areas and still keep them functioning like an IF? I currently use a false 9 as my striker and like the fact that he provides assists to these guys and chips in himself. I dont want him to become isolated from the rest of my team, but i would also like wide guys to help out in defense a little more than they currently do. Thanks heaps
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