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  1. Hahahaha fair enough. In my game I play Alexis as an Inside Support which apparently is his natural/strongest role (according to my coaches) and he tracks back and closes down alot but I almost feel it takes away from his goal threat and tires him out which makes him less clinical whereas you're most probably getting more from him offensively than I am which is what you want from him I guess. And in regards to Ozil do you have him closing down high up the pitch or do you allow him to do what he wants?
  2. Nice signings there Johnhughthom no expense spared it seems!! I'm intrigued though I see you have Alexis as an inside forward attack, Ozil as Advanced playmaker support and giroud as a complete forward support. How consistently do they perform for you (goals/assists?) with these roles because I use them differently and other than giroud I cant seem to get the consistency I want from them!!!
  3. Cheers for the heads up lpcinder. How much did you get Neves for because in the first two seasons he seems to be very expensive!?
  4. Has anybody bought an elite level ball winning midfielder other than bender? I sold flamini and arteta so currently have Fernando Gago as back up to Coquelin who had a decent first season covering and Andres Cubas (Who looks a great prospect) out on loan but I'm just thinking about replacing gago for somebody more mobile? Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Preferably a good tackler, decent passer and can get about the pitch.
  5. Mertesacker doesn't need pace as his anticipation and positioning is so high as is his tackling. As long as you have coq in front of him breaking up play and the whole team as a whole pressing high up the pitch your defence will be fine. However Gabriel is very good back up/rotation option.
  6. Bernardo Silva definitely looks quality but on my Arsenal save I bought Reus for around the same price (£66m) and he was my standout performer, scored 22 goals and assisted 15. Well worth the money. He was rarely injured and led me to a treble in my first season (League Cup, Prem and UCL) played him on the right wing as a raumdeuter switching wings constantly with Alexis and it was devistating. He is so fluid and brings alot of unpredictability to your team. Would highly recommend the german!
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