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  1. After crashing out of the Europa Conference League in disappointing fashion, losing 2-4 to Volska and 0-4 to KRC Genk, Goal Scorers - Europa Conference League - Season 2021/22 Kelvin Morgan - 2 Julian Larsson - 1 Alberto Valdivia - 1 Tyler Burey - 1 Following the team's progress through the knockout stages, KRC Genk defeated SG Braga 4-0 on aggregate in the First Knockout Round. Somehow, they have been paired with Vorskla (who won our group) in the Second Knockout Round, which I wasn't sure if that was possible in the competition (but apparently it is). The silver lining of all this was that we could afford to devote all of our attention to the Gibraltar National League. We have been on a fantastic run of form, keeping five consecutive clean sheets (and yes, this is the same defence that I have been criticising for the past however many posts), and scoring in every match to take a great lead in the Gibraltar National League and move into Group 1 (the Championship Group) for the third consecutive season. The 7-0 win over Magpies would be one of the highlights of my career so far. The strikers are again finding their feet, and all of the combinations that have been yellow (slightly concerning) throughout our time in Europe have turned green now that we are playing just in the National League. Goal Scorers - Gibraltar National League - Season 2021/22 Kelvin Morgan - 12 Alberto Valdivia - 7 Julian Larsson - 6 Craig Galliano - 4 Jadyan Parody - 2 Denilson Carvalho - 2 Shaun De Los Santos - 1 Isaac Vinet - 1 Ethan Jolley - 1 Hopefully we can keep this form going through the second half of the season. It's already a two horse race at the top, and with 8 games remaining, we play Lincoln Red Imps (who are the only team to defeat us) twice. We have been blessed by a couple of teams taking points off of them to lead at this stage, but from here it will be a challenge. The biggest games for us are still to come. Oh, yes. Bradley Banda, our first-choice Goalkeeper, has been injured and will miss up to six weeks. Probably not what we need in such a tight battle at the top of the league. Unfortunately, we don't have too much to look forward to when it comes to our youth intake either. If we can pull this off, it's going to be incredible!
  2. Our future at stake! | Episode 19 Having a player called offside (by VAR) who didn't come anywhere near the ball after a free kick that ended up in the back of the net is a real kick in the teeth. Knowing that goal is the difference between fighting to stay alive in the Europa Conference League and getting through to the Knockout Rounds with two games to spare makes it hurt even more. We come through our back to back matches with Atromikos with a 1-0 win and a 1-1 draw, and that leaves us in second place with two games to play. Two more points and we would have been safely through to the next stage. Sometimes though, that's just the way that it goes. Goal Scorers - Europa Conference League - Season 2021/22 Kelvin Morgan - 1 Alberto Valdivia - 1 Tyler Burey - 1 Thankfully, our form has picked up again in the league, and we have gone back to winning ways. Taking care of Gibraltar Lions and Glacis United, and scoring a bag of goals in the process. I've had to try and rotate players where I can in between European games, and I'm thinking that the squad is probably too small at this point in time, so will need to start looking at ways to expand it in the future. I haven't seen a viable replacement for Bradley Banda (GK) or either of our central defenders on the marking or in the scouting network as yet, but I'm hopeful that something will come our way soon. Larsson, Morgan and Valdivia were all in great form for us, which is everything we could hope for at this early part of the season. Even more excitingly, Jaydan Parody made his return from injury after almost 9 months out and scored pretty much straight away! Goal Scorers - Gibraltar National League - Season 2021/22 Julian Larsson - 5 Kelvin Morgan - 5 Alberto Valdivia - 5 Jadyan Parody - 1 Denilson Carvalho - 1 Shaun De Los Santos - 1 Isaac Vinet - 1 So really, it comes down to this. Games against Vorskla and KRC Genk where we need to take 2 points to earn a place in the Knockout stages. Unfortunately, we've been hit with a bit of a selection crisis. Valdivia (ST) and Elva-Fontaine (WB) have both picked up injuries in the last week of our 21-day break between fixtures, and Ethan Jolley (CD) is suspended after picking up too many yellow cards in the group stage. This means that we are taking on the first game with a much weaker lineup than we usually would be. However, Vorskla have already qualified for the next stage of the competition, so maybe that means they will go easy on us? If we can't take points in the first match, the second match becomes even more vital as we travel to play KRC Genk who we stole a win off in the return fixture. Matches this episode: vs FC Vorskla Poltava (1st in Europa Conference League Group D) @ KRC Genk (3rd in Europa Conference League Group D)
  3. VAR needs to go. | Episode 18 After being humbled away from home against Vorskla, and sneaking an amazing 1-0 win despite huge amounts of pressure at home against KRC Genk, we are in a decent position in our Europa Conference League group. It was our pressure that allowed us to get a win, forcing a missed header by the central defenders with a beautiful lobbed through ball from Burey, only for the Genk keeper to try and play the ball with his feet. Then Kelvin Morgan did this and the rest is history. An historic first win in the Europa Conference League for Gibraltar and for Lynx FC. Goal Scorers - Europa Conference League - Season 2021/22 Kelvin Morgan - 1 Our perfect run in the league continued between these matches, with a 1-0 win over Manchester 62 FC and a 3-1 win over Mons Calpe taking us to four wins from four games. However, after our win against Genk, We unfortunately fell 0-2 to Lincoln Red Imps, snapping our winning streak and also the first scoreless League game since our disastrous showing against St Josephs FC over seven months earlier (yes, we had an off-season between then and now, but 7 months sounds better than 10 games). Larsson had gone missing across these fixtures, but thankfully Morgan and Valdivia are always available and ready to go just in case we need them (which we definitely do). Goal Scorers - Gibraltar National League - Season 2021/22 Julian Larsson - 3 Kelvin Morgan - 3 Alberto Valdivia - 3 Denilson Carvalho - 1 Shaun De Los Santos - 1 Isaac Vinet - 1 So the big news in this episode is the home and away fixtures against Atromikos in the Europa Conference League. After our cracking performance against KRC Genk, consecutive wins against the fourth-seeded side in the group could see us with one foot in the knockout stages of this competition, and what an amazing surprise that would be. Matches this episode: @ Lincoln Red Imps (1st in Gibraltar National League) [0-2] vs Atromikos (3rd in Europa Conference League Group D) @ Atromikos (3rd in Europa Conference League Group D)
  4. Still in Europe! | Episode 17 Well, we gave it our best effort against LASK Linz, taking a 1-0 lead through to the 70th minute of the home leg, and then pushing all the way to the end to go down 3-2 away from home, which resulted in a 3-4 loss on aggregate. Unfortunately, we just weren't good enough at defending set pieces, and we crash out of another European competition. However, we did manage to find a silver lining, which came in the form of a $4 million windfall and a place in the Europa Conference League Group Stage! Goal Scorers - Europa League - Season 2021/22 Julian Larsson - 2 Ethan Jolley - 1 We were seeded third in our group, which means we probably stand a chance of getting some points - it will be interesting to see how far we can go in this competition! For the second game of the Gibraltar National League season, we squared off against College Europa, and I really am starting to feel as though we have their number now. We took them to the cleaners, and grabbed a commanding 3-1 win, continuing our perfect start to the League season. Goal Scorers - Gibraltar National League - Season 2021/22 Julian Larsson - 3 Kelvin Morgan - 2 Alberto Valdivia - 1 Denilson Carvalho - 1 Isaac Vinet - 1 We also had the Pepe Reyes Cup to play - this time against Lincoln Red Imps. Confidence was high after we claimed the win in this fixture last season, but it seems like we are dealing with a bit of a curse in cups at the moment, as it was again a penalty shootout loss that denied us silverware this season. Our newest signing Hill didn't do anything to endear himself to us, missing the crucial penalty in the shootout to see us lose. Banda's own goal was a little rough though. He caught a bullet header that came straight at him, and just happened to land with the ball over the line, and that was that. Poor positioning, I suppose. I think it's time I seriously start looking for a new goalkeeper. So we set off on our first European Group Stage campaign, taking on the might of Vorskla and KRC Genk in the first two matches of Group D. We aren't expected to 'pull up any trees' in this competition, but I have been raising my team to be 'giant killers', and I'd really like them to do some good things this season. Matches this episode: @ Vorskla (Europa Conference League Group D) vs KRC Genk (3rd in Europa Conference League Group D)
  5. The turntables... | Episode 16 It's safe to say that James Hill didn't have the best of debuts for us. Giving up a penalty for handball with 15 minutes to play in his first match at home certainly didn't endear him to the fans (or me). However, it was all put into perspective in the away leg, where we capitulated to a 6-0 aggregate defeat at the hands of Dinamo Zagreb. We received a $1.85 million payout for our troubles, which was quite a nice surprise. Lincoln Red Imps had already bombed out in the second qualifying round for the Europa Conference League, so it seems we may have inherited some of their luck along the way. It seems the Champions League is still somewhat out of our reach at this point in time. However, the progress is very positive and it's great to see that we are improving (or getting luckier). Goal Scorers - UEFA Champions League - Season 2021/22 Craig Galliano - 2 Julian Larsson - 1 Tyrone Avellano - 1 Shaun De Los Santos - 1 We are in the process of improving our training and youth facilities, which will hopefully help our players improve their skills much faster. The board only want us to be 'best of the rest', but I want to do better than that, and I'm hopeful that with the right investment, we can achieve it. Prior to that, we had our first game of the new Gibraltar National League season, against St Josephs FC. In the last two matches against them, they outscored us 5-1. This fixture, we got the better of them, winning 5-1. It was a dominant performance from start to finish, where we earned four clear cut chances inside the first 15 minutes. I can't think of a better way to start the season! Goal Scorers - Gibraltar National League - Season 2021/22 Julian Larsson - 2 Kelvin Morgan - 1 Alberto Valdivia - 1 Isaac Vinet - 1 So it comes to this. A two-legged showdown to claim a place in the Europa League Group Stage. We fell at this hurdle last season. Can we go one better this time around? Matches this episode: vs LASK Linz (Europa League Champions Playoff First Leg) @ LASK Linz (Europa League Champions Playoff Second Leg)
  6. Dinamo-ite! | Episode 15 (pronounce this like dynomite - you'll understand why). UNBELIEVABLE. We have done it again. Julien Larsson scored an equaliser on debut to draw the away leg against NK Maribor, while Shaun De Los Santos grabbed the only goal of the game with a gorgeous volley that smacked into the underside of the crossbar on its way in to earn us the 1-0 win in the home leg. This meant we took a 2-1 win on aggregate and were through to the Third Qualifying Round. Goal Scorers - UEFA Champions League - Season 2021/22 Craig Galliano - 2 Julian Larsson - 1 Tyrone Avellano - 1 Shaun De Los Santos - 1 So, in the third round, we get matched up against Dinamo Zagreb. And I really think that we have no chance in this one, at all. We are drawn as the home side, so anything that goes wrong in the first leg is only going to get worse for us in the second leg! We picked up James Hill on loan from Nottingham Forest for the season prior to this game as well - he's going to come in to bolster our wing defence. Probably the next position we will need to look to improve is our GK and our central defensive pairing, which is unfortunate, because these players have been real heroes for us in recent times. Matches this episode: vs Dinamo Zagreb (Champions League Champions Third Qualifying Round First Leg) @ Dinamo Zagreb (Champions League Champions Third Qualifying Round Second Leg)
  7. Loan signings debut! | Episode 14 Unbelievably, we managed to clinch an aggregate win over two legs against APOEL last time out and move forwards in the Champions League. It was a Craig Galliano penalty that started us on the right foot, and although we struggled in the return leg, another penalty and a great volley from a set piece saw us through. The one real thing that we learned is that Valdivia needs to learn how to stay onside. Goal Scorers - UEFA Champions League - Season 2021/22 Craig Galliano - 2 Tyrone Avellano - 1 We finally replaced the injured Jaydan Parody with a player that can actually play on the right wing, bringing in Tyler Burey from Milwall on a season-long loan. We also got ourselves a first-team striker in Julian Larsson from Nottingham Forest on loan for the season as well. As we earned progression through to the second qualifying phase of the Champions League, we would be taking on NK Maribor, playing away from home in the first leg. Will our new signings make a difference for us or will the money we have put towards their wages be in vain? Matches this episode: @ NK Maribor (Champions League Champions Second Qualifying Round First Leg) vs NK Maribor (Champions League Champions Second Qualifying Round Second Leg)
  8. Champions League again... | Episode 13 Lynx FC is back with me at the helm for a third season. We had a successful second season, but I got a bit carried away and forgot to schedule any pre-pre-season friendlies priod to the first Champions League Qualification match against APOEL. Unfortunately, due to earning yellow cards in the last European match of our last campaign, Ethan Jolley and Kelvin Morgan would be suspended for the first match back. It didn't really hurt us at the time, but it could definitely hurt us here. In addition to that, I have made no moves on the transfer market since the end of the season, aside from sending my scouts to the SkyBet Championship to have a bit of a scout of a couple of teams and see what they could come back with. They found some interesting players that would be available for loan and I've popped a couple of offers in. Matches this episode: @ APOEL (Champions League Champions First Qualifying Round First Leg) vs APOEL (Champions League Champions First Qualifying Round Second Leg)
  9. Season 2 Finale! | Episode 12 We've done it again! Champions of Gibraltar for the second consecutive season. After a crushing 4-2 win over College Europa and a hard fought 2-1 win against Lincoln Red Imps, we have made it two titles in two years. The rest of the matches don't even matter! Which is a good thing, because we experienced something of a championship hangover, drawing 1-1 with Mons Calpe in the very next game to bring our winning streak to an end after just four games. Morgan and Valdivia continued their impressive performances up front and it really has been their heroics that earned us the win in the league this season. Goal Scorers - Gibraltar National League - 2020/21 Season Kelvin Morgan - 12 Alberto Valdivia - 12 Craig Galliano - 5 Denilson Carvalho - 3 Shaun De Los Santos - 2 Brad Power - 2 Leon Clinton - 2 Niall Serra - 1 Jaydan Parody - 1 Tyrone Avellano - 1 Own Goals - 1 The only match in this video is another disappointing loss to St Josephs FC, who seem to be building into something of a bogey team for us. They have outscored us 5 goals to 1 in the last two fixtures we've had against them. The important things to look at now are the end of season awards. End of season awards: Fans player of the season- Alberto Valdivia (75%) Mac's player of the season- Kelvin Morgan Rising Star- Craig Galliano Goal of the season- Denilson Carvalho (vs College Europa) Signing of the season- Kelvin Morgan Young player of the season- Kelvin Morgan Valdivia was almost completely replaced in the awards this season by 23-year old Kelvin Morgan, who performed exceptionally well both in the league and in Europe, claiming my player of the season award as well as the Young Player of the Season and the Signing of the season. Hard to believe he was a free transfer, hey? Craig Galliano, the only player we have spent money on so far, earned the Rising Star award because of his proficiency from the penalty spot for someone at the tender age of 19. End of season stat leaders (competitive fixtures): So it turns out that I forgot to click on this at the end of the season. Oops! No stat leaders this time around, sorry! Season Summary Managerial Record Trophy Shelf So all things considered, it was a good season for us and for Gibraltar. The league ranking moved inside the top 100 for the first time, and our team ranking took a big jump thanks to our adventures in Europe. We are still not considered one of the best teams in Gibraltar, but hopefully that will come before too long. An average attendance of about 1,700 is promising considering the capacity of Victoria Stadium is only about 2,226. So it won't be too long and hopefully we will be selling out stadiums almost every game. Matches this episode: vs St Josephs FC (3rd in Gibraltar National League Group 1)
  10. Crucial Fixtures! | Episode 11 After a crushing 3-0 loss to St Josephs FC last time out, we bounced back with a 3-0 win against Mons Calpe and a 3-1 win against Manchester 62 FC in the league. However, we were outclassed by the struggling Gibraltar Lions in the Rock Cup, losing on penalties. We went behind just before half time, and it took us until the 92nd minute to find an equaliser. Despite continuing to push, we couldn't find a goal in extra time, and it came down to the lottery of the penalty shootout. Yeah. It wasn't pretty. We were up 3-1 on penalties after Bradley Banda made two exceptional saves. And then we lost 5-4. So that wasn't fun. Thankfully we are still pressing on with good performances in the league, which is all I can ask for, really. Goal Scorers - Gibraltar National League - 2020/21 Season Kelvin Morgan - 11 Alberto Valdivia - 10 Craig Galliano - 5 Shaun De Los Santos - 2 Brad Power - 2 Denilson Carvalho - 2 Jaydan Parody - 1 Tyrone Avellano - 1 Own Goals - 1 It has been fantastic to have two strikers notching over 10 goals each in the league so far this season - long may it continue. We have struggled a little with Jaydan Parody out, but nowhere near as much as I thought we would have. Nowhere near as much as College Europa have struggled either; we take them on here and they are currently in 6th place. We hold a 1 point advantage over Lincoln Red Imps with 4 games to play, but we also have a game in hand. However, the second episode is a six-point showdown against them, and after splitting the season series with them 1-1 so far, they will be looking for revenge and a way back into the title hunt. A win against Lincoln would secure us back-to-back championships. Can we get the job done? Matches this episode: @ College Europa (6th in Gibraltar National League Group 1) vs Lincoln Red Imps (2nd in Gibraltar National League Group 1)
  11. When things go south, they go south quickly!
  12. Crushed! | Episode 10 Jaydan Parody has been injured. One of our key players, and one of the highest assist providers on our team, is sidelined for months with a broken leg. The worst part is, it comes just days before crucial back-to-back league matches against College Europa and Lincoln Red Imps. He has an average rating of 7.27 across 23 fixtures in all competitions this season; unbelievable performances and it is going to be much tougher with no real replacement for him. After a scintillating start to the season, Craig Galliano has backed off a little with his goal scoring, but Valdivia and Morgan have kicked on, adding 10 goals between them in the last 7 games. Speaking of the last 7 games, the whole squad has been on fire, producing a 16-3 goal scoring record and currently holding a 5-game clean sheet streak. It's amazing what a loss to Lincoln Red Imps will do to galvanise the squad! Goal Scorers - Gibraltar National League - 2020/21 Season Alberto Valdivia - 8 Kelvin Morgan - 7 Craig Galliano - 4 Shaun De Los Santos - 2 Brad Power - 2 Jaydan Parody - 1 Tyrone Avellano - 1 Denilson Carvalho - 1 Own Goals - 1 So it is possibly the worst time of the season to have an injury to our key winger. Everything is going well, but it may all come undone here as we have three matches in a row against the three toughest competitors in the entire league. It's clear to see that we will have our work cut out for us and we will need something special to hold on to our position at the top of the table. Matches this episode: vs College Europa (5th in Gibraltar National League Group 1) @ Lincoln Red Imps (2nd in Gibraltar National League Group 1) @ St Joseph's FC (3rd in Gibraltar National League Group 1)
  13. Really appreciate your feedback. I hadn't noticed a huge spike in numbers over on YouTube, so I figure I might just keep recording for that, but then use this as a place to share my current progress and all the exciting things that are happening, well ahead of the videos being uploaded.
  14. He'd be the only one following your progress who enjoyed it, I'd say!
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