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  2. oooh and how about flow..is a low flow number mean that you a lot a lot of flow or little?
  3. For the ref stats..doesn't low number in discipline mean that they have poor discipline (ie). I've been tracking stats and this one ref has the worst discipline but has by far the least amount of cards (almost an unrealistic level) lol. how does this make sense? Refereeing stat is not perfect or anything.
  4. Hey guys, Where is the button to save a current tactic..so i can make a brand new one, and load which one i want when i want? i don't see the option to save so i keep having to change the one i have.
  5. So this is confusing. I won "Manager of the Year", but Allegri won "Manager's Manager of the Year". lol
  6. Yeah, I realize how it works in real life but was curious if the actual game takes those things into consideration.
  7. So I finished 2nd with AS Roma in season 1...Juve was first (10pts) ahead...but I got Manager of the Year. Is this a fairly random thing or does the game actually take quite a few things into consideration? It is true that because of Roma's financial situation I didn't add any player to the team, and lost players along the way to other clubs (like Nainggolan), and others to injury (Pjanic) and still kept doing well.
  8. [video=youtube;qUN_3cUCbF8]
  9. [video=youtube;d2UIwlIFufA]
  10. [video=youtube;ZwESEtbcvk4]
  11. [video=youtube;0LZ6P8WHjdc]
  12. [video=youtube;76wMXT9I8Eg]
  13. [video=youtube;HK1szYjB-To]
  14. Losing a good player? [video=youtube;CT9WkT5-TOY]
  15. [video=youtube;3b3ynW60cRo]
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