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  1. ameliapanda

    Changing a nations ethnicity ratio

    Please update when you do make it work! Would love to see this feature.
  2. ameliapanda

    Good players not playing in simmed matches

    Unfortunately that didn't work. I even tried removing all the squad rules, and foreign players (along with the better of the Chinese players) were just not getting registered. In the end, it seems like every team is just registering their worst players. This is so incredibly strange. Could you please perhaps take another look?
  3. ameliapanda

    Good players not playing in simmed matches

    Thanks China Revamp v1.0 verified.fmf
  4. Hello, I created a custom Chinese league system, and it runs almost perfectly. The only thing is that every time I sim the game, the good (usually foreign) players on the teams never play a lot of matches. There will be 80 CA Chinese players playing 24 games a season having a 6.7 average rating, while 140 CA foreign players (who are registered and eligible to play) play around 7 games a season with a 7.5 average rating. This is super weird and I don't know how to change it. Can anybody help explain this?
  5. ameliapanda

    Crashes at certain date

    Game also crashes on July 27th, but for me its in 2020. I also removed brexit in the editor. looking to hear more from this
  6. ameliapanda

    Regen names

    What nation did you replace in order to make your new nation?
  7. ameliapanda

    Changing UEFA Coefficient

    Hello, I am trying to change a nation's UEFA coefficient to get more European places, but it seems like I am no longer able to do this under the nations section. Is this feature removed in this year's editor? And does anyone know how I can change the coefficient this year? Any tips are much appreciated
  8. ameliapanda

    Regen names

    Hello all, Is there a file with a potential names for regens? How do the regen names get generated (for example, does it depend on nationality or language)? I'm trying to create new countries by editing out existing ones, but I want to make sure that the regens will have appropriate names for their nationalities. I have a lot of questions about this, as you can see. Thank you so much for whoever can help ap
  9. ameliapanda

    "Number of Teams Wrong" Error

    does nobody have an answer
  10. ameliapanda

    "Number of Teams Wrong" Error

    bump. pls helppp
  11. ameliapanda

    "Number of Teams Wrong" Error

    Hello! I am making a fantasy Chinese league system db and I keep on running into the "number of teams wrong" error when verifying my lower leagues, although the message doesn't say what exactly is wrong and I looked everywhere and cannot find anywhere where the number of teams is actually wrong. Can someone help me explain why this is happening? Alternatively, since some people mentioned that this may be just a random error that the editor makes, can someone with the new updated editor take a look at my file and see if this message no longer appears after the 19.1.3 patch? Thanks china test 3.fmf
  12. ameliapanda

    Easiest/best way to create a team?

    i always use the pre-game editor to create a team. it is more fun that way imo and you do get to explore a lot of different options. as for the kits, assuming you are using kit packs, just go into the folders where the kits are located and check out how its done. it has to do with renaming a kit picture with the team's ID and putting it into the settings file in the kits folder.
  13. ameliapanda

    Registration date & Transfer Window Problem

    When do you think the next update will come out? Will it be a game-wide patch or just for the editor? I am experiencing a lot of these random error messages lol.
  14. ameliapanda

    Registration date & Transfer Window Problem

    could not find a place to set the date for it, at least not in basic rules. i looked in advanced rules as well but did not find it either.
  15. Hello! I am currently creating a new Chinese league pyramid by creating a new set of nation rules/competitions altogether. I verified the rules but when I tested the competitions, I was hit with the error message saying "error in nation rules: using a squad registration date when window is not open". How can I fix this? I tried to find the setting for the squad registration date but I couldn't find it. Thanks in advance, ap