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  1. thanks for the reply. how would i go about placing the season breaks?
  2. Hello all, After creating my custom season, I have encountered an issue where the fixures are incredibly lopsided. The teams would have between 7-9 games a month (including cup games) in the first couple of months of the season, and would only play around 3-4 games a month during the last months of the season. Is there a way to make the schedules less lopsided? Thank you
  3. Personally, the changes I made regarding ethnicity/nationality only work starting the first regen intake, and afaik there is no quick alternative to waiting around till regen day to see whether the new players would have the correct settings.
  4. I see. Is there a way to add a lot of players at once? Or would I have to add them one by one?
  5. thank you for your wonderful reply! such a shame that the project was dropped, luckily i'm only hoping to create a quasi-accurate league system and I care more about the national team haha. on another note, how did you get players to have greenlandic sounding names? as in, how many players/non-players did you add, and is their a way to add them en-masse? once again, thank you for your (shockingly) fast reply!!
  6. I doubt that's the case, and i really hope its not however on the topic of the editor: here's what i did. I edited an extinct nation to have the (created) Uyghur language. I then created enough copies of the existing Uyghur players, set their language to Uyghur, and put them in the nation I created. To fully test it out, I set up a dummy league with 2 teams in this nation. Additionally, I set all the cities in Xinjiang to be Uyghur-speaking. Comes regen day: the regens in my created nation's teams now have Uyghur names, but not regens from teams in Xinjiang. It seems like I can get Chinese regens to adopt names in other languages even though it shows that they're fluent in Uyghur (with it being their first language). Do you happen to have any other tips to resolve this? thanks
  7. Hello, Currently, I'm trying to make every regen (or a significant portion) from the Xinjiang region of China have Uyghur names (a minority Turkic language from that region), which exist in current players but are not reflected by regens (who always have normal Chinese names). How can I go about doing this? I've tried setting up another nation and creating another language, but have so far been without avail. Thanks
  8. Hello! I know it's been a while since this was posted, but I'm working on a similar project right now and I have a question: how did you create a Greenlandic language and how did you get it to work? I tried creating a new language but could not get the regens to have names in that language. Thanks
  9. Did you by any chance get the chance to take another look?
  10. Please update when you do make it work! Would love to see this feature.
  11. Unfortunately that didn't work. I even tried removing all the squad rules, and foreign players (along with the better of the Chinese players) were just not getting registered. In the end, it seems like every team is just registering their worst players. This is so incredibly strange. Could you please perhaps take another look?
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