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  1. January update... Things got off to a pretty good start. Some very frustrating results, but in general good performances have seen me move up to mid table since taking over before the Nottingham Forest game. My aim is a top half finish, although I've told the board mid table. The squad in general is good, but lacks strength in depth in the fullbacks and attacking options. So I've dipped into the loan market - Solanke, Lookman, Zinchenko and Foden have come in towards the start of January (Lookman scoring on his debut). Pukki is my top scorer but is frustratingly inconsistent. Jordan Rhodes asked to terminate his loan which I was more than happy to do. I've also signed Iorfa for £900k who served me very well on my previous save and should be adequate backup to Passlack (and 1st choice once his loan finishes and he goes back to Dortmund. My most recent game.... an absolute domination of 10 man Birmingham needing a 95th minute Grant Hanley header from a Foden free kick
  2. So after taking Gillingham to the dizzy heights of Europe in 2025 I have become a bit bored with the save and want a new challenge. Toyed with the idea of Norwich (my local team) but decided instead to start unemployed. Got to October and with Norwich sat 24th I’ve taken over the reigns after all. Squad looks good so I’m hopeful of getting us out of the current predicament. First game is away at Nottingham Forest who are currently sat 23rd...
  3. @Experienced Defender Lots of decent advice, and a few things to potentially implement in my team. Have changed the width and DL to standard and although it’s a small sample size (3 games at the start of the new season) it’s looking good (10 goals scored, 1 conceded which was an own goal from a corner) and my BBM scored 4 in 1 game (possibly as he had a bit more space as the defensive line was stretched a bit wider). I'm interested about the IWB - I’ve never played with one. How does it differ from a WB/FB? Presumably they don’t offer as much width and tend to play infield more?
  4. @Experienced Defender thanks for the feedback, much appreciated That makes sense, I think I get a bit concerned when I see so many of my team with a support duty but I could definitely try the striker on support to see how that goes. That’s true. I think sometimes I notice something in game and make a change without thinking how it impacts on the rest of the team. This is purely because my fullbacks were bombing forwards but getting to the byline and not finding a teammate, so I found hitting early crosses helped with this and I do get a lot of goals from the fullbacks. You’re definitely right here. Apart from a few games where I just played badly my main problem was not being able to turn draws into wins against the weaker teams. Hopefully going to standard width will help with this. This does sometimes happen. My LB will also go wandering. I think against the better teams at least I could try playing him as a FB.
  5. @optimusprimal82 Thanks for the feedback. I think some of the problem was that I only had one tactic (apart from chucking an extra player up top when chasing a game). Now in pre-season and have added a 4231so will see how that goes. Ended up finishing 3rd which the board were not happy with. And as a result barely any money for transfers so strengthening the squad may be tricky this year. Have brought in Tierney as 1st choice LB and have made Bernardo Silva’s load permanent but unless I sell people that’s all I’ll be able to do. @LukasZ_VCF Arthur has been good. Have been a bit disappointed with Kondogbia though. He just picks up so many cards!
  6. I’ll try to explain my reasoning for each of those, which may or may not be correct! Positive mentality as I feel I’m better/on a par with the other teams I play but I’m not comfortable playing with an attacking mentality unless chasing the game. Shorter passing I feel will help me to retain possession. Fairly narrow as I play with 2 IFs and I want the width to be provided by my WBs, who hit early crosses as that is a large source of the goals I score (cross from the WB to the opposite IF or striker). Lower DL is a hangover from my lower league days when my CBs didn’t have any pace and I didn’t want to get caught out with balls over the top, but now my players are better I could definitely get rid of that. The IF(a) on the left I paired with a BBM with gets further forward PI which I thought would help the link between the IF and rest of the midfield and therefore stop him being isolated but maybe I’m wrong there. My 2 strikers scored 50+ goals between them this season (Pellegri was second only to Kane in the whole of Europe) so it doesn’t seem like they are isolated. But like you say it might just be the quality of the players making up for a poor tactic
  7. Combination of playing terribly (lost 3-1 to Liverpool and they absolutely battered me) and dominating poor teams and not being able to win. Morale is good. Apart from a few players wanting a new contract everyone is fine. Tweaked the tactic slightly to decrease the tempo. With regards to squad depth it is definitely one of the top 3 or 4 squads in the league.
  8. Anyone help me explain this sudden slump in form?! And how do people turn things around when they experience a similar issue? First a bit of background... I’m in 2024 coming off the back of winning the league last season. Media prediction is top 5, I’ve told the board my aim is to win the league again. Beat Newcastle 7-1 opening day of the season, and then in my 3rd game lost 2-1 at home to Chelsea. I then went on a 36 game unbeaten run in all competitions (won 29, drew 7). Was sat 2nd the league behind Man City and into the 1st knockout round of the Champions League. I was 2-0 up away at Roma at half time, and went on to draw 2-2. I then didn’t win in my next 6. Thought I’d turned it around after a squad meeting and I beat Roma in the 2nd leg 3-0. But things haven’t really got any better. League is now almost certainly gone, and before 1 game the media were questioning whether I was going to be sacked! have teams worked out my tactics? Have my players slacked off?! And more importantly any tips to turn things around?!
  9. I think it might be 4 currently. I’ve asked the board to increase it and they (reluctantly) agreed and said it’ll be done by the end of the season so I guess I’ll wait and see!
  10. Hi, not sure if this is a bug or not so apologies in advance if it isn’t. I started in League One with only a first team and U18 squad. Once in the Premier League a U23 squad appeared. They play in the Checkatrade Trophy and in friendly matches but they do not play in a league. I get a message at the start of each season inviting my U18 team to join a league but haven’t had that for my U23s. I’ve now been in the Premier League for 4 seasons. I thought maybe my reputation wasn’t good enough but last season I won the Premier league and teams with a far lower reputation (Millwall, Bury, Norwich, etc) all have U23 teams playing in one of the leagues (I think there’s 4 of them?) is it a bug or is there something I have to do to enter a league? My U23 players aren’t developing as they just seem to play friendlies against non league opposition rather than competitive games.
  11. Posted this in another forum but thought someone in here might know the answer... How do I get my U23 side to play in a league? Started in League One in England and we didn’t have an U23 squad, just U18. But once we achieved promotion to the Premier League we then suddenly did have an U23 squad (initially with no players in it as they were all in the first team or U18s). Now we have a pretty decent U23 squad, but the only games they ever play are in the Checkatrade trophy and friendlies. I get a message at the start of the season inviting my U18 team into a league, but I never get the same message about my U23s. Is there a way I can change this? I’m now into my 4th season in the Premier League so I assume if it was something that happened automatically it would have happened by now?
  12. How do I get my U23 side to play in a league? Started in League One in England and we didn’t have an U23 squad. But since getting to the Premier League we have. Except the only games they ever play are in the Checkatrade trophy and friendlies. I get a message at the start of the season inviting my U18 team into a league, but I never get the same message about my U23s. Is there a way I can change this?
  13. I’m often a bit disappointed about players’ development when I send them on loan. But if I do I’ll look for clubs with the best facilities etc. There are 2 reasons I tend to keep players and play them in the U23s - if I’m retraining a position as you can never be sure what position they will be played in when they go on loan, and if I need to keep a player at the club for them to become home grown at the club (a big problem for me as I’m quite a small club and my youth recruitment isn’t great)
  14. FYI Callum Gribbin has been superb for me. Started life in League One and now in my first season in the Champions League. He’s been with me each season, initially on loan for the first 3 then signed him on a free. I don’t play with an AMC so I’ve played him AMR as an IF and he’s now natural there. Managed 20 assists last season and wasn’t even first choice.
  15. Hi guys, Struggling with FFP pre-season and wondered if there’s any way round it. Started life in League One and now in the Premier League and about to play my first season in the Champions League. The FFP rules for the Premier League are that you must avoid making a loss of £15m over 3 seasons (the board predict I’ll make a profit of £165m over this period!) The one I’m failing with is is that “wage expenditure must not increase by more than £7m on the previous season’s expenditure unless it is funded by an uplift in revenue”. The board gave me a transfer budget of around £70m and increased the wage budget by around £200,000 a week. Now... £7m a year is the equivalent of £135,000 a week.... I’ve sold 4 of my players from last season (2 1st team players who wanted to leave and 2 squad players). I’ve bought 5 players (including Kondogbia and Dolberg) all of which are on pretty high wages. And because of this I’m due to fail FFP. My questions are - is this right?! How can I only be allowed to spend an extra £135,000 a week on wages when I’ve just made it to the Champions League (and Chelsea for example have just signed Arthur and are paying him £180,000 a week). And secondly the bit about the “uplift in revenue” - presumably I will have an uplift in revenue as I’m now playing Champions League football?! But how will I know this? I don’t really want to be docked 5 points next season which seems to be the punishment! Any help/advice would be appreciated!
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