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  1. Not sure I got the golden generation I was promised lets see how they develop but the stats are pretty shocking on most of them
  2. A update of where I'm upto on my save, been too busy this past week Just starting my 5th season and I'm really happy with the progress made to get to the top division in 4 seasons I have to say I have been lucky with my youth intakes so far and even got a couple of decent players from the 1st intake before I became manager Virtually the whole team is made up of my youth players now and there is some decent players for this level my main focus is to stay in the super league and improve my facilities this level of reward r
  3. Finally 2025 and I get my first upgrade approved by the board
  4. Looks like your set on South America but I have to say so far turkey has been fun, the standard is low so you don't have to produce the best to compete the finances are very tough though I've kept the weekly wages below 10k and still lose money
  5. Hate it when this happens At least its going to wipe out the club debt but he was really starting to develop
  6. Thanks! it does look better tbf went for blue as I'm colour blind and cant tell the difference between green and yellow
  7. End of season Review 1,2 and 3 Had some issues with my internet connection so I'm doing all 3 seasons in one 1st season- promotion via the play offs NO progression with facilities etc due to finances 2nd season relegation- bottom of the league completely outclassed including a 13 loss streak at the end of the season Season 3 Won the league with a game to spare some really good performances this year Youth Intakes have been kind to me so far considering I have made no improvements an have a bang average HOYD b
  8. I kept backing out of the negotiations and going back but I couldn't get them to budge on it, really annoying when you don't even have an option to negotiate
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