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  1. I know I've said this before but the pitches are a real immersion killer. I manage in the very lower leagues, my pitch is rated as "terrible", the media ask questions on it, yet it still looks like a subbuteo pitch on match day and this really needs sorting. FM17 had this down very well, no reason for it to be lesser in more recent versions.
  2. I'm assuming nobody else is having this issue? If there's any way to fix it please let me know, it's a save-spoiling quirk for me and I'd like to remove it before starting a save.
  3. There's an issue with this which causes created teams to have no pre-season friendlies, but several friendlies arranged during the season. Is there any possibility this can be rectified?
  4. This would kind of make sense but I'm getting no weather effects whatsoever, just looks like the exact same subbuteo pitch whatever the conditions - which is the graphics slider which affects this? They're all set to medium atm so I'm wondering if the game is just like this by design, if so it could do with some improvement imo.
  5. Possibly not the right thread to drop this but has anyone else noticed the pitch graphics are significantly poorer now than they were in fm17? For example I've just played on a pitch so terrible the media made a fuss about it, but it still looked like a snooker table on the match screen, kind of ruins the immersion somewhat. I'm running medium graphics on a toaster laptop, is there any tweaking l should do to improve this?
  6. Apologies for being so late in coming back to this (had taken a hiatus from FM full stop due to real life getting in the way) but I'd be very happy to contribute in terms of research/data for lower league databases, if we get one solid block of accurate data down it would probably only need doing the once, with minor tweaks for future editions. Getting the lat/long co-ordinates for stadiums for example, is time consuming research but once done it should be forever accurate - drop me a message if l can help with this.
  7. It's the latitude/longitude of the stadium they play in which causes this issue, with these databases I run a quick soak season, check which teams have geographically shifted where they shouldn't, check their location details on the datafile and input them when missing. Also worth setting the parameters of each league geographically (n,s,e,w towns) to keep a clear lock on this kind of movement.
  8. If l remember correctly phoenix clubs aren't allowed into the Vase until two years after they've formed - l may be wrong on this but l remember this preventing Scarborough Athletic playing in the Vase in their early years.
  9. Had a test run through this and all good so far, only a few issues to report which you might want to look at: The regional movement between leagues for a couple of clubs is off, they end up in the Northern League. These clubs all have no stadium (Aldermaston, Greenway, Ringwood) and I've found in the past that without a stadium anchored to accurate latitude and longitude coordinates the regionalising doesn't hold up after a few seasons. I've added stadiums to these clubs and will see how it goes on another test. There were a few other odd movements too. eg Rainworth moving to the NW Count
  10. Yes, bringing on a player with a 17 rating for penalties as you approach a penalty shootout would indeed be a highly logical thing to do, *however*....
  11. Yes Mr Assman, l *know* player X is now a natural in his new position. He has been for 4 years, and you've been telling me this every fortnight since.
  12. That absolutely infuriates me, I've seen this happen with full overload set-up with intention to keep hoofing the ball into the box, still the player will turn around and punt a 45 yard pass back to the keeper.
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