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  1. I think it was there in FM16. I'm glad it was removed tbh, as the assist led to a spike in the player rating if the penalty was scored, yet no increase in rating if the penalty was missed. This basically meant the match rating of player X (the player who was pushed in the box while challenging for a set piece which saw a penalty awarded) would significantly and misleadingly increase (or not) due to the actions of player Y (the actual penalty taker).
  2. Not sure if this uploading of a screenshot will work, but yes, here:
  3. Miles referring to these players as "gaygens" was in poor taste also imo.
  4. You actually asked about bug reports for previous versions. It's now absolutely irrelevant as to who exactly made which bug reports on which previous versions, so it's therefore an utterly pointless question to ask whether or not an individual reported a bug which has been reported over several versions and still hasn't been fixed.
  5. Example: Board say they'll upgrade your 1800 capacity stadium by 200 seats. Come expansion date you're left with a 200 capacity all seater stadium, which has a serious knock on effect of the club it occurs to. The only way to remedy this is to purchase the IGE and amend each stadium when upgraded. If you run a worldwide journeyman save as l tend to, this is very painstaking and pretty impossible to keep track of.
  6. It was most definitely reported. Not sure why you'd ask this unless you're suggesting it's somehow the punter's responsibility that the game he bought is fundamentally broken. It's my opinion now that simply not buying the game is probably more effective.
  7. I haven't bought FM18 yet purely because l was absolutely incensed that the horrid stadium expansion bug, which required purchase of the IGE to fix, remained in FM17 despite many bug reports pointing it out during FM16. This bug only reveals itself a few seasons in, so even trying the demo would be pointless, so l was waiting for feedback like this before l decided whether to purchase or not. Having read this l shan't bother. I honestly can't believe SI have released a game for three years running with what is a genuinely "game breaking" bug. There's no excuse for this imo.
  8. These are the rules of a penalty; after taking a penalty, the taker can't touch the ball until another player has touched it. If the keeper saves he can score the rebound, but if it comes back off the frame of the goal the taker cannot touch the ball, or an indirect free kick is awarded to defending team. This probably explains why the taker didn't react to a penalty which rebounded back to him off the post.
  9. Can anyone confirm whether or not the horrid stadium expansion bug is still in the game? This usually only becomes apparent after a few seasons in, and can't be gauged by the demo. I won't be buying this edition until l know that isn't there for a third consecutive year.
  10. I wouldn't agree that anybody who considers this feature to be tacky, clumsy virtue signalling is by definition homophobic, tbh. However it is just *one* news item; the Movember thing was far worse in terms of impact on immersion imo (and l did complain about this at the time).
  11. I'm certainly not comfortable with clumsy "awareness raising" being shoehorned into a football management simulator tbh, however noble that particular issue might be; but so long as it doesn't "break" the game, and doesn't involve the manager picture being obscured with a ginger moustache throughout November, I'm sure we can all cope with it.
  12. I'd add to this by saying screaming at individual players has yielded positive responses in my experience; on a fair few occasions I've aggressively demanded more of a mercurial striker and he's pulled something out in return. This may not be a direct result of the shout in itself, but it definitely feels satisfying when it happens.
  13. I've seen plenty, in fact in my experience it occurs too often, I've seen big donkey centre backs do them.
  14. Never had joy with overload either - in fact, l've often switched to standard/structured, pump into box, get stuck in, route one, early crosses, very high tempo with three up front. I've found this to be much more likely to yield a scruffy goal than anything with an attacking mentality.
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