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  1. Yes, bringing on a player with a 17 rating for penalties as you approach a penalty shootout would indeed be a highly logical thing to do, *however*....
  2. Yes Mr Assman, l *know* player X is now a natural in his new position. He has been for 4 years, and you've been telling me this every fortnight since.
  3. That absolutely infuriates me, I've seen this happen with full overload set-up with intention to keep hoofing the ball into the box, still the player will turn around and punt a 45 yard pass back to the keeper.
  4. I too enjoy this, l get a great thrill from seeing a carefully cultivated prospect have a storming game against lesser opposition and effectively putting himself into first team contention, like a new signing. At the opposite end I'm very much a "dreads big matches" player, whenever there's a big match I've a tendency to fast forward through the first half, especially when using a contain/counter tactic, as it's impossible to watch my team under relentless attack without having an urge to desperately tweak. I've found fast-forwarding means l stick to the plan more abd usually get better results from big games.
  5. FM20 is by far the least satisfying FM I've played, the usual caveat that these forums tend to house the hyper-critical with regard to FM feedback does not detract from the fact that FM20 is very much a sub-par release with so many glaring flaws, if FM21 were essentially FM20 but with added COVID19 as per your suggestion it would be a very poor game imo.
  6. This is an unecessarily crappy tone to adopt, bad form to open a post with "with respect" and then post in a supercilious and disrespectful way which may cause offence imho. To make my point another way, adding soap opera elements would not improve the game any in my opinion, FM20 has numerous ME issues and the game still hasn't managed to incorporate media engagement in a meaningful way and this also needs significant attention, I'm personally very doubtful that adding off-field events would be successful. Fwiw l would like to see more difficult man management, I'd be keen to have players who are notoriously difficult to manage (Maradona, George Best, Balotelli, Gascoigne types) but this can be achieved without spamming us with news items about arrests and extra marital affairs.
  7. Your corner taker finds the ball cleared directly to him but instead of taking advantage of this opportunity to send in another delivery while both big centre backs are up, he allows the ball out for a throw and the set-piece is wasted. I'm sure there is a magical combination of instructions which prevent this but this is a prime example of possibly the biggest source of fm frustration, the inability to convey such an easy verbal instruction, which would have been irl dealt with in a brief chat on the training pitch, with the fm user interface.
  8. The game is already causing enough headache with strikers routinely missing 1v1s, l doubt my mood would lift if my goalkeeper got himself jailed for drink driving and my vice captain committed suicide the day before a cup semi final.
  9. Defenders trotting back to retrieve the ball as if they're running through quicksand.
  10. I've only seen this when he hits the bar or post, which is correct as once a penalty has been taken the taker can't touch the ball until someone else has - this is why he can tap in a rebounded save but must ignore a rebound off the woodwork as to touch the ball would result in a free kick to the defending team.
  11. If this is the case then that must be fixed for future versions, absolutely absurd that a team can have home advantage in a cup final at a neutral venue, that's dreadful tbqh.
  12. The fact that a teenager can arrive at your club on loan, play a handful of games in which he impresses enough to win the coveted Three Hammers Sponsored Fanzine Writers Player Of The Fortnight award, and therefore be as much a "fans favourite" as the manager who brought two consecutive promotions, a cup win and continental competition entry.
  13. What do you think of your opposite number pointing out that a player who hasn't started a first team game in eighteen months and won't even be on your subs bench is your weakest link?
  14. Not sure if this is still there for FM20 as I've done the sensible thing and ditched it but the media stories remembering an obscure cup defeat on older versions really jarred, for eg on fm17 l went from North Ferriby to York (2 consecutive promotions) to Hibernian (a promotion, a cup win, a European jaunt) to Celtic (3x clean sweeps, champs league semi finalists) to Liverpool and was still remembered foremostly for a "humiliating" FA Cup defeat to Guiseley early in my career.
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