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  1. Thanks mate. Just one last thing, how do I make the the base skin dark more transparent but keep the solid colours of the sidebar and header?
  2. Do I just move the match folder to panels if using the base dark skin? Can't seem to get it working for some reason
  3. How is everyone changing the caps to small letters? Only a small thing but the all caps of players and club names annoys me so much.
  4. Yeah I can get it installed but then when I try to launch the game I get the error below
  5. You should've said this from the start, I've never played so wouldn't know. I thought with the word 'Touch' in the title it was from iPads and such. Now that that's all cleared up can we please have the demo SI
  6. No I deleted it and getting the same error on the 'Football Manager 2019 Demo'
  7. Maybe not I get the same error on the 'Football Manager 2019 Demo' too.
  8. As you can see it now says 'Football Manager 2019 Demo' not 'Football Manger 2019 Touch Demo'
  9. That IS the touch version as its only 2.9gb. Download PC/Mac version here - https://www.fmscout.com/a-football-manager-2019-demo.html
  10. Maybe it is but why have they put it in the touch page when it isn't the touch version, surely it should be oh the 'Football Manager 2019' page. That is just confusing and Steam should rectify it.
  11. So why is it on the touch page at not under FM19 demo like it shows in the search bar I thought FM touch and the other version were different versions for a certain platform, or has something changed this year? It's probably why it won't download because your trying to download the touch version to a PC/Mac @Origin.Unknown
  12. Well I'm not seeing no download option for the demo anywhere on steam I just get taken to buy full game page.
  13. Ah OK I'm after the PC version, I should've took a closer look at the picture you posted This wait is killing me!
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