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  1. Firstly go to give credit where it's due. To all SI FM staff, well done for an amazing game. I was hesitant on buying FM19 whilst enjoying FM18. I started to continuously scratch myself daily on what FM19 would be like. Love it and the reason is because I just played chelsea at my home stadium in Greece and managed to draw 3-3. I was loosing 3-1 and whilst making sure for that week i put my team into hard Def training sessions and playing a slow defensive game I managed to get a result by tweaking some tactics during the game. Yes it works and the results are great. My team doesn't cost more than a can of tuna and it just shows if you get your tactics/shouts and training right then money has limited reach to the power of a tactical mind. And for those wanting to know it's the first season in game, the greek team I am managing is PAOK Salonika with half of their best players sold during the start of the season. Man don't think i'm gonna sleep tonight. TY SI for a great version yet again.
  2. Thanks for the reply. In that case I will wait for the major update that usually comes out after the Christmas new year period like they always do. I have been playing fm18 in lower leagues and loved it to death with the achievements I have made. Great version for me. Well done to SI.
  3. Hello to all, At this time I am enjoying fm18 very much. My question is, is FM19 far better than fm18 by a big margin or not. Would like to know if its worth spending the money for it or back off and wait for fm20 and see then. Has the 3d match engine changed big time or not. Thanks
  4. I recently created a new game bought 3 scouts during pre-season and have lost them to other teams during pre season. Here i am where i have only played 1 season game and now i have to repeat what i did in preseason. Yes i did get compensated but i hate that fact i have to repeat the process in game again wasting too much time. Any tips on how to stop this would help. Would be nice to keep these staff members tied down to serve the full length of the contract or whats the point of having a contract for them when they just get up and leave and your club sells them without informing you or getting your permission to do so. Anyone else have these issues ?
  5. Hi all. I would like to get other people's feedback on when to sell old aging players when you first create a new game especialy when they only have one season left on their contracts and you want to sell them quickly for coin before they leave for free. I get confused whether to sell them during the pre season or the mid season transfer Window. How do you people handle situations like this ? Is it best to sell them using your DOF or handle it on your own?.
  6. I enjoyed starting from the very bottom of the leagues of england. Why ? Most importantly tweaking your own tactics and learning from basic level to high level. You learn the engine more let alone adjusting each players role. You get to see your own players attributes at work from a low level. See your own team strengths and weaknesses of your own tactics. should or shouldn't I. I would heavily focus on learning player attributes at work and tactics before even wanting to win. Fiddle around with a few saves to learn SI's tactical engine options. Understanding how they work is crucial. I'm going to stop here because with this game you can go on forever telling your own story. it really depends to what level of the game you want to delve deep in. Watch a lot of youtube vids.
  7. Years ago i would totally agree with you on this to a point. The game is brilliant but yes you will get the freaky occurrence happening against you but not to a point where you can't win the league. I find the "Auto" very helpful for me because some of the other pre-defined positions do not help my player achieve him what i want him to do. Thats why i get down to the player level to tweak his ability. 1. Focus on your players stats what he can/can't do and be realistic about it. 2. Is his training mood sad which has a negative impact on his performance. 3. Personality of a player is very important. I like professional players. 4.. Stamina, workrate etc. In the past i found my tactics to be totally jumbled up and not synching well player to player wise. How do your player stats play part in the tactic you use is important. No point having a striker take long shots out of box when your defending deep and his personal long shot stat is 4. This is what i mean by player stats working with your tactic, not forgetting player ambitions, workrate, determination etc. Some areas that have helped me over time. For e.g. if your strikers don't have good heading stats whats the point of crossing the ball to them high for headers might you ask. This is what i mean. Focus on the "Can Do" of a player by player and see what happens.
  8. yes you may have had so many chances but were they shots from out the box or deep inside the box. let alone the accuracy of your strikers. I am not rubbing salt into the wound and don't want to provoke you. I've been in situations like this at times and it just happens. Yes luck or i am doing something wrong and i am not converting those chances. Data Analysis, reasons for e.g. strikers could be upset with you or are moody. Fitness or moral all play a part to some degree. I remember i was in a situation like this and it was because my strikers were taking shots a bit further out of the box. I had to push the D line up a bit let alone convert my wingers to cut in with ball. Roam setting adjusted. Pay close attention to player roles as tweaking those correctly will have a better effect. just my 2 cents worth.
  9. Very interesting I like physical players and it's a very important area i focus on be it playing on the pitch or buying players. No Stamina = No Guts. I am going to tamper with this through my new season. The question I would like to throw is, how much of a difference would this make overall in the season if you ran a fitness week once or twice a month ? interesting reading.
  10. Sounds like the best way to get quality is by youth and training them up apart from free agents and fgn players. The league really knows how to shoot itself into the foot easily when comparing themselves to other Asian teams. How on earth are we to compete against those million dollar teams in the champions league. Sounds like the current structure of the league is to keep producing young talent for exportation and anything else is a bonus club wise. They have really pulled teams from progressing forward. The way I see it is like they have blindfolds on owners and getting them to believe the teams have a great future. With the current salary cap and a limitation on fgn players in the team doesn't win my views of the game getting but but only the national team in player choices and player sales going abroad. Like you said I will have to plan years ahead when it comes to buying players. Not very flexible but worth the challenge in the game that is.
  11. Thanks for the reply all. Yes these rules are a bit too much in a way. My biggest concern is can you sign players from lower divisions. Is there a big pool of players to sign season in season out from those lower divisions. If that's not a good thing to do then how about building up youth players. Are youngsters easy to sign up and again is there a good size pool. I hope there is enough supply of players to either sign up or develop. Last thing I want to come across is lacking in supply for demand in the league. I hope there are not too many doors shut to enjoy this league.
  12. Would like to know if anyone has played the aussie league for many seasons in this FM version. I would like to know what transfers are like and importantly buying from lower leagues is an option. Also how did you find the Asian champions league. Last time I played the aussie league it was many years ago. I had big issues with buying players and salary cap. Would like to hear your adventure. Thanks
  13. I've been patiently quiet on this over many years. i raised an issue in relation to accuracy back then for many situations. Now I am seeing the same problem years later. You can see if it was a pass or shot through the team analysis window. The issue i raised back then was a complaint on accuracy where my striker was facing head on the goals and no bodies in sight. what did my striker do might you ask, yes the same problem i am seeing now in this post. I am not saying it shouldn't be happening at all cause we do see some real life situations like that, but the frequency would have had the player purged from the team give it if mourinho was managing the team. If it is a goal attempt it would make me cry at disbelief given this players high stat pack. Still the angle that was shown in the picture is something very very rare to see pogba do for the talent he has. Again if it's a shot then the angle is very horrible and does need some work yet again, otherwise if it was a pass then thats another story. Ok it's normal to miss, but the angle is very very common in this game from what I am seeing. I would like to hear what the devs have to say about this in more detail. Given that it could be a shot or pass my next question is - How can we reduce the angle or shoot/pass error angle ? How does this affect training. Can the player be trained to reduce that type of frequency/angle error ?.
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