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  1. Not sure this is Italy specific as such, but on my Sudtirol save I've been given this for a Christmas fixture list... 4 games in a week is a push, but a night-time kickoff one evening rolling into another game 3pm the next day seems a bit much to say the least. But still, could be worse - I could be managing Benevento. They've had to travel from Campania to the Alps in the middle of winter, on Christmas Eve no less, the day after playing a game to get stuffed 4-1 by my B-team.
  2. Attempted to start a save with Sudtirol and ran into this issue, so investigated it a little bit on my 2030 holiday save - it's still affecting the vast majority of fixtures in all three leagues of Serie C. However, it looks as though the issue might only be cosmetic rather than the bug causing all these fixtures to actually be played at made up/non-existent neutral grounds, as the 'away' attendance is listed for these games: To test the theory a bit more, I picked a team with a tiny ground (Gavorrano - the away team above, have 2,000 capacity) and had a look through their attendances, and sure enough there are no games where they're the home team (listed first despite the big N next to the game in the calendar) where they have more than 2,000 turning up. With that in mind, I'll carry on with my save and hope for the best...
  3. I've just had a quick look around Asia in my 2030 holiday save and yeah... I think this is what they call "whitewashing" in the film biz. Sort it out please fellas.
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