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  1. i run english league from the Evo Stick Premier ,the one that Salford is in an this ,nps so far,mind u i have just restarted though
  2. Morrissey,ur in box is full ,u need to delete some private messages m8
  3. Hey Morrissey, dont want to seem ungrateful, u doing the SoS and EoS kits by any chance ?
  4. canny wait foe this to happen m8,been enjoying what u have done so far,my custom team is been doing very well in the Scottish Cup,put out Berwick Rangers 3-0,put out my Fav team East Fife 1-0,after a replay,drew 2-2 with Morton and now looking forward to the replay at Cappilow,ah the thrills of it all ,keep up the good work
  5. don't seem u can just yet ,mayby when Morrissey does the junior leagues then it will happen
  6. Hey there Morrissey, just a wee heads up, the download link for the lowland league strips is broken, just defaults to the FileDropper home page
  7. wksoul, that looks great btw,will have to find out how to do that,East Fife is my team, reacon it will be just as good with Black an Gold
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