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  1. How can I remove the statistics on the left? not supposed to be there during 3D match. Thanks fm.bmp
  2. Yes, he is only accomplished in the DMC position. I wanted him to improve familiarity in that position.
  3. Thanks, I do agree. But in this case the player is not out of position. He is natural in the CM position. He seems out of role and SI did not say anything about role familiarity. That's why I asked in this forum....
  4. Thanks for trying to help, but what you wrote is wrong. the only way to improve position/Role/Duty familiarity is through individual training. He played 17 matches in the MC and he is awkward in all roles I select in the MC. See attached pic. This is because he was trained as segundo volante in the DMC position. There he is fluid with only 4 matches. To be noticed that he is natural in MC and only accomplished in DMC.
  5. I made some trials to better understand this feature. I came to some conclusions: - the only way to improve position/Role/Duty familiarity is through individual training - general training does not matter. In a trial I set as individual training mezzala (support) and general training only Endurance, Quickness or Resistance. The player improved in position/Role/Duty familiarity. See pictures attached. - the term position/Role/Duty familiarity is misleading. It should be called just ROLE familiarity. There is no sense for a player to be natural in central midfield position and awk
  6. Hi All, does anyone know how position/Role/Duty familiarity works? I have a player that is natural in central midfield position and has good attributes as central midfielder (Attacking). Nevertheless, he is awkward in Position/Role/Duty familiarity. Is setting position/Role/Duty as central midfielder (Attacking) in the individual training the only way to improve it? How important is it? this player has good attributes for diverse roles in the central midfield . So I would like to use him with different roles according to the opposition team.. Thanks
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