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  1. Got badly injured in first and second season leading to him sitting in the u21's till his contract expired. I tried getting him for a free as Sunderland just to see how much he wanted and even though he would have been my 5th choice striker he wanted 150k a week and key player status and match highest earner. Needless to say I didn't go for that. He was unemployed for a month or two then went to a side in Qatar for a season then signed for Barnsley I think it was got badly injured, ran out his contract retired and eventually became a U19's coach and when I last checked had been unemployed for a season.
  2. What did you say to them in the meeting? usually there is a way of calming things down, thankfully I have never had this problem when I manage Sunderland so far I have only had one player wanting a move to a bigger club and I chose something along the lines I am hoping to build a bigger club and they accepted it, also had problems with players wanting more playing time Cattermole was annoyed but thankfully only Rodwell turned up for the meeting the best bit was a few days later Rodwell complained and no one supported him which made me laugh at Cattermoles apparent treachery.
  3. Hmm a PPM for standing around not doing much waiting for someone else to do the work? Most Sunderland players of recent years IRL must have had this (Steven Fletcher certainly should have anyway)
  4. So its a 4-4-2 well it started as one but the game calls it a 4-2-4 because my wingers are in the AMR/AML slots. Formation is AF F9 W(S) W(S) B2B DLP(D) WB(S) BPD(D) BPD(B) WB(S) GK(D) - Tried a SK as I had a very good SK but he just sat on the line and rarely came out anyway. TI - Much lower tempo, Shorter passing, slightly deeper, play out of defence, work ball into box and roam from position. Controll for most matches and structred team shape. I am aiming for a possession based team but must have 2 strikers (my team traditionally prefers strike partnerships) and I had been playing extremely well with an average team, after overhauling my squad we were doing even better. Now post patch (had a bit of a break) things have gone downhill rapidly. 1. My AF who was scoring for fun last season cant hit the net at all and is suddenly playing as if he has no idea who the F9 is even though they played amazing together last season (this goes for my reserve AF too he couldn't hit a barn) 2. Long balls over the top totally destroy my defence every time which is why I switched to deeper (my CB's aren't sprinters but both are decently fast. 3. Shots my SoT ratio has plummeted from 50-60 to 30 at best. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  5. I remember a team in England IRL getting a goal directly from a throw in and I believe they changed the rules in the EPL that it has to touch another player first or its disallowed. However that is most definately a bug because I am 100% certain dropping it for a volley is not the correct way to take a throw in lol.
  6. Had something similar at Sunderland I wanted to get rid of Rodwell for being useless and permanently injured (partway through season two his injuries are so bad he's rated as good for league 1) he complained and said this would not be the last of it and sure enough a team meeting was called by his friends, should I say friend Lee Cattermole (also on my transfer list for being permanently suspended) was the only guy to show up I told him I am not changing my mind he agreed and was against Rodwell along with everyone else. What made it funnier was Catts then decided he was annoyed about playing time I told him I was selling him he protested and sure enough his friend turned up, Rodwell who I convinced I was right so the two poor fools only had one supporter each and both had their only friend turn on them.
  7. Very similar to a tactic I set up and I am having a reasonable amount of sucsess with, only issues I have are 1. The dreaded long ball over the top, most of my conceeded goals are due to a long ball to the opposition striker who then proceeds to dribble down the middle of the park while my centre backs jog alongside him observing but not interfeering until he reaches the box where my keeper either runs away or comes out very slowly and the striker just rounds him or slots it past him. Any ideas how to solve this, using the offside trap works a bit but there always seems to be atleast one or two gets through and my team suddenly become passive. 2. Goalkeepers refusing to claim crosses, no matter what GK role I use and no matter how good his ratings are at rushing out command of area etc if a cross is put in from the byline into the six yard box no matter how close it is to the keeper he just ignores it completely and quite a bit of the time so does my CB's allowing a free header and a goal. Any ideas how to get a GK playing more aggressively. 3. Random long balls to no one. Really unsure on why this one happens my CM's etc... sometimes randomly will decide to ignore all available options and even when under little to no pressure will occasionally randomly punt it into nowhere. Also a quick question, I am playing a tactic rather similar to yours but I have tried experimenting with a formation based on possession but with 2 strikers and it never seems to go well the second striker just doesn't seem to get involved much no matter the role or the two strikers end up too close together and seem to get in each others way more often than not what role would you consider if you added a second striker.
  8. Must be the only stadium in the world where the ball boys need a to be professional rock climbers.
  9. My board set up a training camp at the beginning of my third season, to stop them I always go on a tour (and for the merchandising) of a foreign country for the first four games of pre-season it worked in my second season but for some reason this time they scheduled it for just after the tour. The weird part my training camp was very specific I had to train in and play against teams in the North east of England this was the first one I saw that was a region and not just a country but what was especially amusing is that I am managing Sunderland, so basically my board organised a training camp either A in our own training grounds or B in one of our rivals for some bizarre reason.
  10. I thought you could, I am sure I did I set it so I set all scouting assignments cleared all the previously set ones then when setting news assignments it has at the bottom a box to select which scout goes on it or let the head scout decide.
  11. Halfway through season two for me and I have conceeded from corners but never scored from a single one, admittedly I have a rather short team in general but I have a rather large and effective in the air CB but it is a miracle when my corner takers (18 + 16) even manage to beat the first man so my CB has very little chance of winning the ball.
  12. I sold Krusnel for 5million to SLB in my second season he was developing well until he had a bad injury but I was retraining him as a CB as I felt he would do better there, SLB bid 375k for him I declined and set his asking price to 5mil so they bid 775K which Congeton accepted I cancelled it and set it so only I should respond to offers. SLB bid 775k again and somehow Congerton accepted again I cancelled and offered him to them for 5mil to see what they would do since they were bidding on a daily basis and they counter offered with 775k which Congerton accepted once more so he got sacked I asked for 5mil and they bid 5mil so off he went. Osoro is developing well but not quite ready for first team yet he is out on loan but not doing well. I signed Valdes and got shot of Mannone and Pants so I had Valdes and Mansip (loan) last season, this season I went with Valdes and Pickford for all cup games and the occasional league game but he hasnt been playing well and Donnarumma became listed for loan in January and at this point is better than Valdes so I sent Pickford to the championship for the rest of the season and brought in Donnarumma as my new number one with Valdes dropping down. Jack Rodwell now is a good player for league one he spent more than 50% of last season in the physio room and so far looks to top that this season so no one wants him and when he is fit he moans about lack of playing time but thankfully no one listens. Doing well in the league but Watford beat me every game in very dubious circumstances each time (played 6 lost 6 conceeded 8 own goals 3 penalties and 5 goals disallowed) they put me out of both cups this season. EDIT - Signed James Ward-Prowse for 21m at the start of the season for his ability and versatility and all the press conferences were about how I overspent and all that, he is now worth 28m has been in all the England teams since signing and is the highest average rated player in the league I would highly recommed him he is so versatile and consistent.
  13. How did you get Donnarumma so cheap I offered 1m for him and they wanted 40odd for him
  14. [video=youtube_share;-4ptMVwmYHk] Apologies for awful res my first attempt uploading a video from FM this just shows perfectly how insync my defence and GK are.
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