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  1. I agree, the tranfer negotiation system does need some tweaking. I would love to see something where CPU clubs look to take advantage of high interest from a number of teams. If you are a mid-table Premier League side, yet a number of big Champions League clubs are interested in your player you would look to sell to the highest bidder, enabling you to recieve a larger fee for him. However, I dont see the CPU clubs doing this at all. On one of my saves Bayern Levurkusen signed Isco for £15mil, he had an unbelievable season and they won the league ahead of Dortmund and Bayern. In the next transfer window they sold him for £25 mil though??? I think you can bring foward a delayed transfer any time within the week. On the transfer tab of the player I believe.
  2. This is an issue real life teams are faced with. It would be unrealistic if you could scout a player and immeditaley learn his exact ability, potential, personality and other traits. If you look on the scout report it usually says what the stars are based on. No scout in the world could give you the information you are after, at the end of the day every transfer has some element of risk involved.
  3. I'm fairly sure that shot power is also affected by technique.
  4. I have thought about this before too, it would be really helpful and interesting. Would love to see this!
  5. I agree that by definition potential is fixed. However, if potential is fixed it should by impossibly hard for a player to reach his potential in FM. Currently, if a player is playing regular football at a semi-decent level, he often reaches his full potential within a few years. Surely this shouldn't be the case, and for a player to reach his full potential he should be in the perfect scenario, with world class players and coaches around him, tutoring him and nurturing him. This would mean that when a young player is tutored by one of the worlds too players etc he will be better. I think potential definitely needs a look at, it could completely change the game.
  6. I have a request regarding the potential ability of players in FM. For those who aren't aware, currently a player's PA can be one value (eg 175), or it can be a range between 30 (eg 150-180). I believe that the PA range of a player should be completely customisable. This could be most effective when used judging the PA of raw prospects between the ages of 16-18. As such players are largely unknown, it is very hard to judge the potential of them realistically. Every year, many young players especially at top academies burst onto the scene, who were mostly unheard of previously. For this example, let's assume that a young player at a top academy has a PA of -8, (130-160). This would most likely make them a mid-level premier league player. Surely it would be more realistic to have a larger PA range, such as 130-180. This would mean that the players potential is more variable between different saves, increasing the 'unknown factor'. Along with many other members of the community, I prefer nurturing and developing newgens to real players. This is because it is impossible to develop them to a high level when they have such low/small PA ranges. This idea would mean you can never know for sure how good your youth players at the beginning of the game can become, and are forced to at least give them a shot and keep an eye on them, rather than discarding them on first viewing. Now, an example for slightly older players. If Phillipe Coutinho has a CA of 158, and a PA of 175, this is the same in every save. However, no one knows for sure whether he will reach this potential, or even exceed it, therefore I think a range is more realistic in this case. Saying this, surely a PA range of 30 is too much? Perhaps Coutinho could have a smaller range of 165-183, or something similar to that. This could also be useful for older players too. Robert Lewandowski is 27, can we be sure he has reached his peak yet? I believe his CA and PA in the current database is 178. This means that the game thinks Lewandowski will 100% not improve any further at all. There is surely a chance that he will improve, even if it is very slightly. This would mean his PA could be 178-184 or even 178-182. These are perhaps not the best examples, however I hope you have a good understanding of this idea. This may not make a huge difference on an individual basis, however if this is implemented correctly I believe it could help the game become far more realistic. Would love to hear your thoughts.
  7. Great idea. There could also be an international attribute for national sides, that depends on recent success and the players in the squad. Eg. England would have a low attribute due to many young players and poor performances over the last 30 years. On the other side, a team such as Germany who regularly succeed internationally would have a high attribute.
  8. All of these ideas are fantastic, I would love to see them implemented in future versions of FM.
  9. Has never worked for me. It shouldnt be an overpowered feature, but I think you should be able to convince some more realistic signings. For example I tried to sign Ruben Neves for Man Utd and Liverpool, couldnt convince him for either.
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