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  1. Some interesting replies guys thanks very much. I think the higher defensive line and engagement line could be something that be a problem for a lower team, especially when playing the big guns. Do you think the fluid counter attack tactic (screenshot attached) would be more suitable while still having a pressing element to the game? From the looks of it, it seems the team would play with more caution and a lower line when out of possession (but while still pressing), and then once the balls won it's a fast counter attack.
  2. What would you consider key attributes for gengenpressing? Work rate, teamwork, determination, stamina? I think the fluid counter attack could be a more suitable option for a smaller team against bigger teams, but still would love to try the gengenpress sometimes...
  3. I'm a big fan of the gengenpressing style and would really like to use the pre-made tactic with my FM19 save. I've selected Bournemouth as my team to be this year and am wondering, would this tactic but suitable for mid-table / low-table teams?
  4. Alright, I'm on a save with Portsmouth and just finished my second season. First season I won the league easily and now am in the Championship which I finished my first season 15th. I was playing OK, never got into the relegation zone but never really got higher than 15th position. Does anyone have any advice/recommendations how I can push for a promotion this season? Details on my team: Currently playing 5-3-2 WB I don't use any specialist roles like a playmaker, BBM etc. Key players: Luke McGee, Matt Clarke, Nathan Thompson, Charlie Adam, Conor Chaplin Positions lacking depth: 2 Attacking wingbacks and 1 striker Stuff i'm looking to know: Are there any good team or player instructions for Championship teams? Is there any good tactics for championship teams? What are some key player attributes I should be looking for? What is the best mentality and team shape (for home/away)? I have the front to as a DLP(support) and AF(attacK) - is there a bettter combination? Should I be using a playmaker? Any recommended players to buy? Cheers for any help!
  5. Who's a good replacement for Coutinho? I play him AMC as an Advanced playmaker and he doesn't perform well. Salah and Mane are playing great on the wings so I don't want to use him as an IF. Thinking to sell him and get someone else. I'm thinking Marco Asensio or Dele Alli...
  6. Has anyone got a problem when trying to sell players and they keep rejecting the other teams contract? nearly every person I try ends up rejecting. Anyone got a suggestion how to work this out?
  7. Forgot to mention in my last post that Wilson is performing amazingly for me also!
  8. Just entering the winter transfer window in my first season, top of the league. In the Euros I got handed a group that included Real Madrid and Dortmund but came out 1st including trashing Madrid! Happy with all my team and only want to buy a world class striker either in the winter window or wait until summer. Does Alexis Sanchez renewal his Arsenal contract in your saves or could I wait until summer and get him on a free? His is my main target, otherwise I may go for Vardy for his pace and he’s English. Stand our player is surprisingly the OX who seems to score in nearly every game I play him. Henderson and Can have formed a great partnership in the CMs also.
  9. I don't suppose you could share a screen of your tactic?
  10. Need some advise on Giorgio Chiellini. I can buy him for 14M and he wants a 150,000 pw contract. Is he worth it as his age? he looks like he's very injury prone also but he's a leader and his defensive stats look great. Should i take the risk?
  11. Is anyone else having this problem? Most of the people I try and sell end up rejecting the other teams contract?
  12. How do people sell Milner? I can't get anyone to buy him at the start of the season
  13. I'm waiting for this also! I hope someone will start a new Liverpool FM18 thread soon... In my head i'll be playing with a 4-2-3-1 and the 4-3-3 (or 4-1-2-2-1) for my formations. I couldn't get 4-2-3-1 to work the last 2 versions of FM... hope this time will be different
  14. I'm looking to buy Salah for Liverpool and test out what him and Mane would be like on both wings with their pace. I've never used a tactic before that is based on fast football using both wingers as the main threat, but what to try it out because I think with these two, it could be very dangerous. Has anyone used a successful fast-playing tactic and could share their advice, instructors etc. with me? I thinking of playing a 4-1-2-3 formation.
  15. Already getting excited about FM18 and having Salah and Mane on the wings... i've never used a tactic based utilising on fast players - has anyone else or got advise?
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