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  1. I've not tried, but would leaving the corner takers selection blank, and then dragging over that position to the corner on the set-piece creator work?
  2. It was somewhere around £15m I think, so it's not loads to start with, but you may be able to get more if you ask for it. For me and a lot of others I've seen on here, Arsenal come in for Lallana on deadline day and I managed to get £40m out of them for him which I spent straight away.
  3. He's on pretty high wages and I don't plan on playing him at all, as I've got Gomez and Mammana who would both benefit from some playing time. I was hoping to get more, but I had to keep lowering the asking price to get anyone to bite, and it was a non-negotiable offer for £4m. I just wanted rid of his wages, so had to settle for that. Could have been better but I felt I'd done alright on my other transfers.
  4. Like others here have done, I've just had a big transfer deadline day with Arsenal coming in for Lallana. Managed to get £40m for him, and brought in: - Emanuel Mammana for £8m - Gabriel Barbosa for £15m - Breel Embolo for £12.5 Looking at having Mammana and Gomez as my future centre back pairing, Barbosa will be coming straight into the match day squad as a sub/cover for Sturridge/Ings, and Embolo is further cover for upfront whilst I'm also training him as an AMC to replace Lallana and rotate with Firmino there. Embolo and Barbosa are also a lot better out wide than anyone we have so it gives me more options tactically as well, though I don't have wide players at the moment. Also sent Origi out on loan, and hopefully have a deal sorted out ready for January with Sevilla for Lovren. Accepted £4m to get rid quick. Sturridge is still injured for me, but I've been having some success playing Benteke and Ings, Benteke as TM(S) and Ings as CF(A), though Origi played as well as Benteke in his position.
  5. Yeah, I'm playing Clyne with WB(A), but whilst not the best option, I could have Gomez cover there and switch it to FB(S). Hoping Flanagan can do a decent job there when fit again but if I find he can't I'll sign someone then. I'm short on transfer budget now as it wasn't a number 1 priority. Maybe if I get big money for Lallana, but I'm considering bringing Sigurdson in to replace Lallana if Arsenal come calling with big money.
  6. I signed Thiago Maia, is there a reason I can't ask Lucas to tutor him? I'll take a look now, having second thoughts about a RB though, Gomez could cover there for now if Clyne did get injured, but don't want to have two back ups when Flanagan does come back. If he doesn't come back playing well from his injury I may get someone for the second season. I've also signed Timo Horn to replace Bogdan as back up goalie as he has a release clause of £6.5m and is a decent prospect.
  7. Can't seem to find him, I must not have the league loaded.
  8. What are the thoughts like for Maia? I've scouted him a bit and been in transfer negotiations, I could get him for around £5m plus add-ons. However, at the moment I'm lining up with 4-3-1-2, so there's no DM players. Lucas is currently playing as a MC(D), and I have Can as back up at the moment, and Allen can play there too if needed. So far I've signed Augustinsson to replace Enrique as cover for LB and is also a possible future first team player. Looking for cover for RB as well seeing as Flanagan is essentially out for the season, but not really found anyone yet. Hoping Arsenal come in for Lallana but if they don't he can stay as back up. Any suggestions for who to bring in if I'm going with 4-3-1-2?
  9. Absolutely traumatised to have just noticed at the start of December 2015 that Demarai Gray has a release clause of £3.5m, and he's refusing to even start talking to me about a new contract. Don't know how he compares to other young players, but at 19 years old he's my best player at Birmingham playing as a winger, and he can also play as an IF. Coming up to the January window and a few Premiership teams are interested in him including Liverpool and West Ham. Really hoping they don't go for him as I can't afford to lose him, but there's nothing I can do. But yeah, for any of you guys he seems like a pretty good young prospect for a Premiership team at just £3.5m, and will be home grown in England too. Name: Demarai Gray Position: M/AM (R/L) Club: Birmingham City Value: £7.25m now, I think he started at £7m Release Fee: £3.5m
  10. The AMR is a winger rather than inside forward, which is why I'm a little worried over whether a F9 would still get into the box. I guess I just have to try it out! In my midfield, I have an AP(A), DLP(S) and behind them is a DM(D). Though occasionally the DLP is changed to a CM(S) or BWM(S) with a sub based on what I feel is needed in the midfield mid-game.
  11. Would false 9 or trequartista work with the W(A) at AMR and IF(A) at AML, or would I better of having an AM(A) or SS(A) at AMC to play off Del Pierro? I've been using Donaldson playing as DLF(S) to put through the wide attackers and also get into the box for crosses, would I still get the same effect with Del Pierro playing F9 or T? Sorry if these are basic questions, only just getting started with properly making tactics, previously just played FM12 and made a basic tactic and stuck with it.
  12. Signed him for Birmingham on a couple of thousand a week, but he picked up an injury right at the start. Should be coming back into the team now, and so far I've been playing a 4-1-2-3, with a winger one side, inside forward on the other, and the striker playing as DLF(S). Will Del Pierro perform well in that role for me, or should I switch the team around a bit to have him as a trequartista?
  13. Sure, not a problem. Quick update from my Birmingham side. Changed the roles I mentioned, played with DLF(A), and we lost 3-0 against Burnley, maybe knew it'd be a tough game to win, but we did look more promising going forward and were probably unlucky to not have a goal. Next game was against Brentford, I changed to DLF(S) and switched a couple of players and this went great, won 2-0, our first competitive goals 4 games in, both coming from Cotterill, and both very clearly due to the change in system. First was with him playing IF(A) and the assist was from my AP(A) getting forward, and the second goal was later on when I swapped him to the W(A) on the other side and Del Pierro got the assist from DLF(S). I'd definitely say he was unlucky to not get a hatrick and my AP(A) could also have had a goal, so this is a massive improvement, their 'keeper still ended up on 7.6 despite conceding twice! Thanks guys!
  14. Thanks for the advice guys! When I'm next on the Liverpool save I'll change the BWM and also have a play around with the TIs to speed things up. Is there any advice on what kind of settings I could switch these to? I had them set on this as we were having extremely low possession so I wanted to be able to hold onto the ball some more and the idea was to take time and carve open chances. I'm going to play some more of the Birmingham one, so I'll change the striker role to DLF if my strikers are any good at that, but would roles like CF or AF be any better than TM as well if they aren't particularly suited to DLF? I'll switch my left winger to an IF to give some more support to the striker as suggested and also have my AP switch from S to A for the forward runs, and I'll see how this goes for a while. Are there any TIs that would go well with the Birmingham tactic? Also, would the DLF be better off on S or A?
  15. So I decided to finally upgrade from FM12 and the last couple of days I've been playing FM16, first as Liverpool, and then started a new save as Birmingham to see if things would go better on another save. My problem is that my sides seem to be completely unable to score goals. At Liverpool we were destroyed by injuries, but I feel that even with my backups we should have at least been able to score every now and then, but in my last 6 games I managed a grand total of 1 goal. From a penalty. Now at Birmingham I'm not expecting to be able to win every game or even necessarily score all the time, but after a few games I'm still unable to score at all and don't have 1 competitive goal yet. Below are the tactics I've used on each save, and I was just hoping I could get some advice here, thanks.
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