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  1. Klostermann is awesome. I just play him as a normal fullback on automatic - he's young enough to adapt. He has amazing pace and acceleration and crossing stats so if you want him to get forward and get assists then give him freedom.
  2. Hi there - I've been playing as RBL too and I'm having reasonable success with 4-2-3-1 formation. Why not try moving Khedira up - as a BWM and then put Kaiser as an APM? I play the same possession football - Counter, shorter passing with retain Possession but play narrow or fairly narrow (this is important), Normal tempo, be more disciplined, stick to positions, get stuck in, low crosses, work into box and Look for Overlap (RBL have quick full backs in Klostermann and Jung so use them to your advantage!!) The only change I make is to switch to Control against teams I expect to beat. Part of your problem might be Selkie. He's quick but he only scored 2 goals in 18 games for me so I replaced him with Joel Pohjanpolo on loan for one season (he scored 35 goals in my first season in the Bundesliga) and then signed the other Zivkovic (Richairo) from Ajax who is equally prolific.
  3. You should probably raise this in the bug forum if you feel it's an issue. My regens are the same, or they have mohawks, which I thought went out of fashion in the early 00s.
  4. You should rename him "Mighty Ducksch"...
  5. Out of interest, what role are you playing Dele Alli in? I've only used him sparingly in my first season but he's done a job as a deep-lying playmaker and occasionally as an attacking playmaker (although he's more of a box-to-box midfielder in RL)
  6. Yeah, I don't want another exploit - it got a bit silly in the old game. I think my CB was my top scorer at one point! haha
  7. Cheers stevemc, I think I might give the mixed option a go. He seems to have reasonable success with that.
  8. Has anyone got a corner tactic that is working for them? In FM 2015 I had a corner routine where I would play it short and a run into the box/cross from the second player would result in a goal around 30-40% of the time. This tactic simply doesn't work in FM 2016, the player coming short is rarely given the ball as he gets marked. I've moved to the traditional hoof-it-to-the-CB-at-the-far-post with very limited success. I think I've only scored two goals from corners so far (two-thirds through the season). Can anyone help at all?
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