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  1. Hi Neil Sorry, due to the autosave feature the closest save game I have is in 2027, seasons before the glitch first occurred. The uploaded file name is Jack Hornett - Hamburger SV.fm I won't have another save game prior to 6th round until the next time I qualify for that round! Coincidence, however frustratingly I progressed that far in 2 consecutive seasons. Hope this helps, please let me know if this is likely to be resolved? Many thanks
  2. @Christopher Lewis Hi this has happened again the following season. does this mean I will have no fa cup winners for, here onwards? Thanks
  3. Yes I have uploaded it just now file name - Jack Hornett - NTFC.fm Thank you
  4. Summary: Fa cup match not being scheduled Description of Issue: won in fa cup 5th round. 6th round draw was completed but my game was never scheduled. Other side of cup was ok, some glitch lead to my game never being scheduled. Now in June and there has been no fa cup final Steps to Reproduce: Files Uploaded to the SI Cloud Service:
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