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  1. That's why I asked, i'm interested in what peoples different opinions and approaches would be. I will try a few different approaches but there's no harm in starting a discussion on it on a forum is there?
  2. Hi guys I've been having a ponder today on ways to improve a new Strikerless tactic that is basically 4-3-3 wide. I could just simply set a Wingback to sit wide and bang in crosses all day to a big Striker and score bucket loads, but I dont want to do that. Basically, what I am doing is thus. Using FB/Suport's and asking them to sit narrower and, if possible, cut inside with the ball while Wingers (in theory) stay wider in build up. I have fast and skillful players centrally "up front" but supply to them is stunted when teams sit back and defend deep - balls to feet get intercepted/tackle
  3. always use Passionate Encourage as soon as we've scored, every time we score. until we are 2 goals up, then its Passionate Concentrate as soon as we scored the 3rd. Not sure why, just works for me.
  4. Thought about an Enganche? I'm having a play with using Isco (similar to Ozil) behind a DLF/s as an Engache with a BWM/s and a CM/a behind him and a pair of WM/a either side. I've set the DLF/s off-centre. The Eng role is working brilliantly and runs the play, always most Key Passes and assists from Through Balls (when the assists aren't crosses), plus a few goals. He is regularly popping up wide, deep and as the most advanced player.
  5. I cant recommend reading about LaVolpiana and Ricardo La Volpe enough. He is the smoking, moutaschioed Mexican bloke, you'd have seen some of his teams/tactics. If you like a back-3 and their passing options whats few articles are out there will be right up your street.
  6. having the AM's move to CM will help with short passing triangles for sure. Have a play with the DM roles.
  7. without reading much of the thread you linked, surely the use of the HalfBack means that when playing out of defence the HB's drop between the CD & FB's and just makes a back 5? This would prevent any deep triangles being formed? You could try looking at this as a start? Maybe trying basic DM'sto get the SHAPE you want in deep possession, the draw back of this would be less protection for the CB. There's a reason this tactic was left behind in the 1940s! PS - a normal back 3 with 3 x CBs will give the same in possession spread as a FB-CB-FB trio - just with less forward penetration.
  8. THIS. This, I believe, is a key way to play/be successful in this iteration of FM.
  9. i've just set up an attacking 4 as: Pair of Wingers/Support. Target Man (set just left of centre) and a central Shadow Striker. Set the TM to Move into Channels. Its in a 4-2DM-3-1 system though. The front 4 work very well. The rest is a a REG/DM(d) pair and then WB(a) either side of a BPD & CD.
  10. i actually use two BWM(s&d) in a 442/433 set up and like it - i use the BWM/s instead of a DLP/s in that set up. Have a play and see. it suits me, but many wlll say its suicide. Trick is to see what works for your team.
  11. I see. Fair point. I'm sure a Modder could make a skin that hides attributes? Also you can change them from a number to a bar i believe - although never done it.
  12. Don't most people already do this? After all, the game starts with Attributes Hidden and u19/Reserve teams managed by Youth/Reserve managers (in most cases)...
  13. looking at this issue subjectively (and i would dearly like Bielsa-esque IWBs for FM17) I initially thought it would be hard to code as other roles are generally pretty linear and i wasnt sure how easy it would be to code the movement behaviour. Then I realised its do-able with the WP - they start wide and sit narrow in the attacking half of the pitch. So all S.I need to is recreate this part of the coding (movement) in a Full Back (instead of linear up/down movement). Im not totally sure what role/player S.I were trying to emulate with the IWB as it is now and was in FM15. Any ideas anyon
  14. perhaps my typing was a little rushed, I meant the WP/A would sit more Centrally (narrow) Forward as opposed to just "Forward". And yes, the Playmakers roles generally sit deeper, but again, this is where the OP needs to make thier mind up and possibly compromise. Sure, Seedorf gets forward to support attacks but he does also return to the deep left position to defend. Here the use of a WP may be of benefit over a WM/A as he will be able to retreat quicker to his defensive positioning and as opposed to still be retreating from the byline the WP/A will also be retreating from a Central zone,
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