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  1. Please see screenshot. My player thinks we should retain Davies, and is unhappy because I am not letting him leave. Is this not a contradiction?
  2. I'm not sure if this is a bug or not? I was offered the Man City job. First step was to agree all the coaches to move across. A few weeks passed....I was then offered a contract with the club vision page and contract screen. I accepted. About three weeks passed and I received the below news item. Is this a bug? I've always found then when you agree to a contract for a new job you join the next day?
  3. Is there a way to change the "mid-season break" as the game has set me a mid-season break (so no training) even though I have a fixture on 12th December? Save uploaded.
  4. Please see screenshot, instead of mentioning my name it says "person#2" a few times, when I am joining a new club
  5. How do I remove the left/right foot icons on the tactic pitch please
  6. Not sure if a bug or not. Social media is discussing whether a player (Valente) should be in the team or not and running a poll. He's not in the team because he has broken his leg and is out for three more months.
  7. I found a bug on the manager profile, cannot read the information , see below
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