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  1. @phnompenhandy what do you look out for when watching games? Opposition formation / style of defending (deep or pressing) / their style of attack (wide or long ball). Is there anything I've missed?
  2. The reason I asked is because I have been flying with a counter attacking tactic, then come December, teams have started to get results over me. This makes me think they have all shifted their mindset and changed the way they play against me compared to the first game in the season.
  3. Thanks for the response that is really helpful. Do you know when the bookies odds change? Or again is there no set rule for this? I tend to keep the same tactic but have making changes in a match based on what I am seeing. I have been finding the last few games that teams are not falling so my counter attacking tactics anymore.
  4. Hi guys, I have a quick tactical question if I may. I understand (correct me if I'm wrong) that if you are overachieving with a team then the opposition picks up on this and sets up more defensively. I've heard rumours that this change happens in the half way point of each season - is this correct? I am currently flying high with a team predicted 18th in the season preview but currently 3rd and I'm worried that when the half way point comes I may need to look at changing my tactics. Appreciate any help.
  5. Hi, using v1 of this skin and really enjoying it. Does anyone know how to change the press conference background picture to my own? thanks
  6. I dont, but I do have the save right as this inbox item came to the inbox if this helps?
  7. Surely this is a bug? There would be data available for a big club like Chelsea?
  8. Hi, had this on two separate occasions. Click submit team on the tactics page and the game immediately crashes. I will attach the crash dump files. FM 2020 v20.1.4.1318683 (2019.11.25 10.33.28).dmp FM 2020 v20.1.4.1318683 (2019.11.24 13.52.43).dmp
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