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  1. Hi @Rob Heckman, did you find an issue? Any update. Many thanks
  2. Hi @Rob Heckman I didn't have a save before the final game of that season. I am near the end of my next season and again my club vision is just very confusing. It says I have failed an objective which isn't even for this season, but when I hover over it says they are pleased with my progress. This time I have got a save file for one day before this has happened. The save has been uploaded and is called Antalyaspor - Real Save 123. Would appreciate you having a look. Many thanks
  3. Hi @Rob Heckman, I have continued my save and the club vision is completely messed up. 1) My club vision is avoid relegation , even though previous season I qualified for Champions League 2) I have just won super Lig (qualifying again for Champions League) and I receive a news item saying the board are disappointed I didn't qualify for Europa League. 3) It now looks like club vision for next season is continue being an established super lig team, surely the board would be more ambitious? 4) I did try to change club vision at the start of season 3 but I got stuck in the club vision page, eveything was greyed out. The only way I could continue was to quit the game. I can upload another save file for you to check?
  4. I also am having the same issue, suggest + confirm button can't be clicked
  5. Rob, thanks for getting back in touch. I will keep an eye out when I have my next club vision meeting and report back. Thank you
  6. Hi Rob, thank you for the feedback. What about the club having two goals in the club vision for this season? One to become recognised as the "best of the rest" and the other to avoid relegation?
  7. Hi yes I was trying to upload directly. I have now uploaded to the cloud - file name is Antalyaspor - Real Save.fm
  8. Hi, it is not letting me attach my save file as it is too large?
  9. Hi, seems my club vision has a few bugs. The club culture is sign players under the age of 23 for first team. I have signed a few players under the age of 23 and the media have even picked up on me signing youngsters but the status remains "devastated". My 5 year plan also contains two league goals in the same year which are completely different - one is avoid a relegation battle and the other is become best of the rest. How can I have both of these which are different?
  10. Hi, had this on two separate occasions. Click submit team on the tactics page and the game immediately crashes. I will attach the crash dump files. FM 2020 v20.1.4.1318683 (2019.11.25 10.33.28).dmp FM 2020 v20.1.4.1318683 (2019.11.24 13.52.43).dmp
  11. Hi, this must be a bug. My arsenal team doing well, 2nd in League, praise from formed player but the bottom line says we are failing?
  12. I have continued so cannot see it any more. If I come across it again I will save game and upload file. Cheers
  13. Seen this a couple of times....random people on social media saying a team lost when they didn't? Is this a bug?
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