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  1. I tried to launch FM 16 first and then FM 17 when I start the computer and there is always this difference. I know that FM 17 is a bit more greedy than FM 16 but I did not expect such a big gap. I will play with a club and will come back to you if I still have a problem
  2. First, sorry if i'm not on the good part to talk about this. In Football Manager 2016, I had 5 stars on Computer Performance with my old laptop (ASUS X54C i3 4Go RAM Intel Graphics 3000) Now, with my new laptop (MSI CX72 i3 2.7GHz 4Go RAM Nvidia GeForce 940MX) I only have 2.5 stars in Football Manager 2017. I want to know if it's normal ? Thank you for the answer
  3. I need your help because I want to buy a new computer and I want to know if this one will correctly run FM 2016: http://www.darty.com/nav/achat/informatique/ordinateur_portable-portable/portable/asus_r511lj-xx263t.html (All the Technical specifications are on the bootom of page)
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