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  1. if you have this schedule files can you share me
  2. if you have this file can you upload for me please
  3. ı dont want cheat or exploit match engine.ı want only a good tactic.Tactic is not cheat.
  4. Hi gamers.i want to learn football manager 2008 best tactic.thanks a lot.
  5. Im looking for fm 2008 diablo tactic ( chazs dream tactic) orwhichever very good tactic for fm 2008.
  6. Yes you're right.i tried but im not be succesful this tactic part.So i wrote to sigames community and help part.
  7. Hi everyone! Im looking fm 2008 cheat and best tactic since 10 years.Please tell me fm 2008 tactic like diablo tactic for cm 03.
  8. how can ı find this training cheat file for fm 2008
  9. mikenevo if you have this tactic still can you upload here please ?? ım very looking a good tactic for fm2008...
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