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  1. Hi, Is there any way to check manager career records and statistics such as highest margin of victory in a game, most goals scored in a game by one player, overall career top goal scorer, etc. I don't know why, but I have this vague memory that these things were present earlier in FM. Please let me know. Thanks, ILFM
  2. Edit that: The SI GAMES FMM17 folder itself is not visible on the computer, even if I check the box to show hidden files.
  3. When I installed the game on my phone (Gionee) the game data was installed on the expandable memory. I don't know why this happened, however, when I connect the phone to my computer and navigate to the game folder, I can't go beyond the files folder, because the folder is empty, there isn't anything inside it. Therefore I am unable to copy any graphics to the game directory. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi, So is there any way I can edit the database or something else I can do in FMM17 to make the German national team have the real players? And also to fix the fake club names?
  5. Thanks. It seems that I can only access this folder from inside my phone, and not through my computer. Strange. However, could you please tell me where the save games are located? I have a save game that I wanted to paste there. I've read the guide on accessing save games on Android, but that folder is not there on my device.
  6. I've just freed up about 11 GB on my external memory, and still no luck. Can't find the game folder.
  7. And to answer your questions, I have 14.7 GB disk space available, on my internal memory. I'm running Android 5.1. For some reason, it seems that app data for other apps is installing on the internal and external memory. I can't find FMM 17 on either one. My external memory has no more space left.
  8. Hi, after a few attempts, the game has finally started. However, I'm now unable to find the game directory under data>android. I wanted to load some custom graphics into the game, and that's why I was searching for this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I just bought FMM 17. I installed it, and when I started it I selected the option that loads the player pictures. However, I've now tried it twice, and after loading to 100%, it goes to the SEGA screen and stays there, and does not progress any further. I let it stay like that for 15-20 minutes, before exiting and starting again. When I did, I had to select the option with the player pictures again, but the same thing happened - it loaded to a 100% and was then frozen on the SEGA screen. Very disappointed. Please help.
  10. I posted a little while ago about how, when a goalkeeper saves a penalty, and it doesn't go out of play, he just stands there and waits for the penalty-taker to put it in the net. Annoying. Very annoying. Even more annoying is when you're awarded a penalty and the penalty-taker hits the post or its saved but stays in play, the bloke just stands there as if frozen and waits for the ball to be cleared, instead of just tapping in on the rebound! This series has been running for 20+ years, but some of the small things that they fail to fix are quite annoying. So, I officially request this feature to be added to FM. Better AI on spot-kicks. For the taker and the saver. Please. Thank you.
  11. I still have the custom graphics. However, since I did the steps you suggested, it has stopped happening. If it happens again at some point, then I guess I'll have to delete the custom graphics, but fingers crossed it doesn't happen anymore. Thanks for your help!
  12. Hi, after doing what you said, the German national team (which was populated with real-life players at the start of the game, because I had applied a fix) lost all its real players and was full of fake players, as if I had never applied the fix. Does doing the 3 steps you mentioned undo the effects of a fix I may have applied to make Germany playable? It's strange, because in my other saves (which I haven't played for a while) the German team still has the real players, but in the save which I've been playing, after applying your steps, the German team has gone back to default i.e. fake players.
  13. I wasn't sure wether to post this in the bugs and issues forum or not, but I decided the feature requests forum as this has been happening in previous versions of FM as well. Basically, when a goalkeeper saves a penalty, and the ball doesn't go out of play, the goalie just stands there (instead of rushing out and clearing/or catching the ball) and waits for the penalty-taker to tap the ball in. This can be incredibly frustrating, especially in big matches. So please, fix this for future versions of FM. Thanks.
  14. Yes. I've always had one. For previous versions of FM as well.
  15. It doesn't happen all the time, but it has happened 4-5 times now, and each time with Depay. Whenever I click on his name to view his profile, the game crashes immediately.
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