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  1. Lag Is still a thing with my high gaming laptop in the Match Engine and after the last update In the menu it's rather slow too ? any suggestions or help would be appreciated
  2. I Keep Experiencing Lag When Playing In 3D - I tried a game booster that didn't work I have a gaming laptop & graphics card plus it Played FM19 Like a dream so run out of things to do ? any idea
  3. https://www.cambrianbgc.co.uk/club-info.html - Cambrian & Vale Don't seem to have a ground in the game so this should help I believe the capacity is 500 too many thanks B
  4. Hitchin's Under 18 Manager Is Damon Lathrope - https://hitchintownfc.club/player/damon-lathrope/ - Also Macsen Fraser Has Left the club - here is most of their team https://hitchintownfc.club/player-profiles/ - Many Thanks
  5. Hiya it's a bit better now thanks for you're help
  6. Just Done the Cache - Will delete the Preference now though
  7. Could Be the network mate we will have 2 find out it shouldn't take this slow if i've got more than half a star surely
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