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  1. I don't think Nketiah is your best example for this question tbh.

    British player transfers, especially those performing well and from big clubs are very rare. You generally see an British player transfer from a big club to a lower rep club (Brewster, O'Shea, iwobi - I know he is Nigerian but he is home grown) or a young player making the move to a big club (rose, Delph, Rooney, Ramsey etc).  The only big to big I can think of are like Sterling, Carrick, there's another one I forgot haha.

    Furthermore British players hardly ever transfer abroad.

    I would bet if Nketiah was European or South American you would be inundated with offers from abroad. Or if you were a lower rep club you would get offers from the likes of United, City etc.


    I am currently playing as RC Lens and I have every Tom dick and Harry trying to buy my players. Lazio bid and bought Aster Vranckx off me for 110 million.


    I have more of an issue with trying to fight off the bids and keep my players rather than struggling to sell.

    But I am seen as a lower rep club.


    Out of interest, are you getting offers for your European / South American players that are playing well?

  2. Sadly, this is the first year where the game has become truly monotonous.

    At some point in the season your team will just turn on its head and forget how to score or defend for no reason.

    One of your best players from the previous season will get a serious injury meaning you bring through someone else who takes his place.

    A high reputation team will struggle early season then do well towards the end just failing to make Europe.

    No one player scores over 25 in the league even though teams still score a load.

    The same repetitive bugs in the ME meaning you see the same matches each time. And sadly when you watch the goals a bug accounts for around 80% of the them that are scored.

    Oh yes and the actual match engine itself that is so bad it made me test it by putting one teams players all with 20's and another teams players all with 1's and you guessed it the team with 1's won 1-0 from a 1vs1 where the CB ran away to mark a player leaving space even though there were 2 other defenders to mark the player. 

    After this I can no longer play this game let alone buy the next version.

    I do hope the game continues to get bought and played by others as it has given me 10's of years of joy. Plus during this awful pandemic I wouldn't want the staff at SI impacted as it has done to so many people.

    But now enough is enough. Adios

  3. I am getting more and more bored of watching keepers save 1 Vs 1's.

    I don't expect my players to score every 1 Vs 1. However, I also do not expect to see the opposition keeper save so many. I would find it a lot more realistic if I actually saw a player try to roll one around a goalie and roll it the other side of the post too. With the keepers saving so many 1 Vs 1's I feel it also artificially inflates the keepers ratings which in turn impacts on other facets of the ME and thus cumulatively creating a more and more unrealistic representation of football.

    There are a large number of CCC's created in the ME at the moment and I understand these can't all result in goals but the games apparent efforts to minimise otherworldly scores appears to be shown in the ME in ways that do not appear realistic.

    Some other points;

    There seem to be a lot more back passes which are poor and intercepted.

    Dribbling also seems very overpowered. Regularly seeing either fullbacks or wingers dribbling the length of the pitch.


    I say all this but I really am enjoying the game. These points are born out of frustration just because I want the game to deliver on its potential


  4. This comment was posted by Neil Brock;

    Finding the issues is a relatively easy process. The difficulty comes with being able to change the match engine code in such a way that it reflects football in a more realistic way, whilst still outputting matches which have accurate scorelines and match stats compared to real life. All within what is a very is an extremely detailed and incredibly complex system. If it was easy to fix every issue raised, the match engine would have been in perfect state for FM05, not still being improved for every version like it is now

    it is a long never-ending road to perfection. What we have now is the closest simulated representation of real life football - but still one that absolutely can be improved in the future

    It was posted it the topic - 



    Now. I am interested to see what people think about this comment because i think the detail of it is part of the issue for me now and my appreciation of the game.

    I have always viewed FM as a game, something for enjoyment. Over the last few releases i, sadly to say have started to have less and less fun. And maybe the above explains it.

    Football manager is not a game anymore.

    I am not playing football manager to try and create match states comparable to real life, what is the point in that? To me that is boring. I play games to do something different, have fun and do something that you cant normally do.

    I dont want to create real life stats. I want to create a tactic and build a team that defies normality. 

    I dont think Pep or Ferguson ever created tactics or bought players to play football to create accurate scorelines or mimic general real life statistics. Their intention was never simulate real life football. They created football, a winning culture no one had seen before. Their tactics did not conform and they set trends and blazed trails for other managers to follow.

    Why am i playing a so called game where the actual details now appear to me to be pre-determined due to the match engine attempting to replicate real life stats. Im not saying the scoreline is already determined and its "fixed" but how does the match engine replicating real life stats affect my game?

    Is this why i see players make constant aimless 1 -2s to each other to impact on passing stats and numbers? Is this why i see players regularly squander 1vs1 chances to maintain accurate to life shot conversion rates? Is it why there have been constant issues with central play this release so that real life stats are met at the detriment of what we are actually trying to create with our tactics?

    Maybe i have got this wrong but i am interested to see others points of view. I dont want a simulation engine that is trying to mimic real life stats, i want a game that we can create something never seen before on, be a new Pep




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