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  1. Alvarez has his goal disallowed as you will see for Van Geothem being offside. Surely this isnt offside? AS Monaco v RC Lens.pkm
  2. I don't think Nketiah is your best example for this question tbh. British player transfers, especially those performing well and from big clubs are very rare. You generally see an British player transfer from a big club to a lower rep club (Brewster, O'Shea, iwobi - I know he is Nigerian but he is home grown) or a young player making the move to a big club (rose, Delph, Rooney, Ramsey etc). The only big to big I can think of are like Sterling, Carrick, there's another one I forgot haha. Furthermore British players hardly ever transfer abroad. I would bet if Nketiah was European
  3. I have noticed there are far too many late goals in games. Regularly seeing multiple goals in the 90th minute. Also I feel the ME is worse than the beta. The beta actually looked like real football
  4. Sadly, this is the first year where the game has become truly monotonous. At some point in the season your team will just turn on its head and forget how to score or defend for no reason. One of your best players from the previous season will get a serious injury meaning you bring through someone else who takes his place. A high reputation team will struggle early season then do well towards the end just failing to make Europe. No one player scores over 25 in the league even though teams still score a load. The same repetitive bugs in the ME meaning you see the same ma
  5. Quite simply and sadly, for me the game has reached a point when it is no longer enjoyable to play
  6. I am getting more and more bored of watching keepers save 1 Vs 1's. I don't expect my players to score every 1 Vs 1. However, I also do not expect to see the opposition keeper save so many. I would find it a lot more realistic if I actually saw a player try to roll one around a goalie and roll it the other side of the post too. With the keepers saving so many 1 Vs 1's I feel it also artificially inflates the keepers ratings which in turn impacts on other facets of the ME and thus cumulatively creating a more and more unrealistic representation of football. There are a large number of
  7. This comment was posted by Neil Brock; Finding the issues is a relatively easy process. The difficulty comes with being able to change the match engine code in such a way that it reflects football in a more realistic way, whilst still outputting matches which have accurate scorelines and match stats compared to real life. All within what is a very is an extremely detailed and incredibly complex system. If it was easy to fix every issue raised, the match engine would have been in perfect state for FM05, not still being improved for every version like it is now it is a long never-endin
  8. anyone have a stat for average number of corners per game in english football?
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