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  1. sulljda

    Type of goal conceeded

    There is an issue in the match engine which is causing a high proportion of the same goal. What happens is the CB wins a header but the header always goes to the opposition. The CB then does not rejoin the defensive line and a player runs in behind him, one on one with the keeper and scores. This also seems to be the most likely time a one on one is scored. I shall post PKMs as they arise as i cba to go back through matches
  2. sulljda

    Pressing is broken since 19.1.0

    Is anyone going to resolve this issue. Watch Mbappe goal on 57. Koscielnys choice to close down in ridiculous Paris SG v Arsenal.pkm
  3. sulljda

    Pressing is broken since 19.1.0

    I think the issue with pressing is there are too many instances of multiple players pressing the player with the ball. There was a period like this in FM18. For me players can not seem to acknowledge that another player is pressing and then press themselves. In my opinion, and it is an opinion so it doesnt hold much weight but you should be able to have a TI of extremely urgent and PI on every player at the highest possible level and still only 1 player should press the player with the ball and the others press space, like real life, however, the ME clearly can not do this. I shall leave my PKM and a case in point in this instance. The choice for 4 players all to press is ridiculous and i dont think you would ever see this in real life, especially where it is on the pitch. Watch Bentekes goal, the 3rd of the match Arsenal v Crystal Palace.pkm
  4. anyone have a stat for average number of corners per game in english football?
  5. I had a quick search and couldnt find this topic or one that answered it. Just a quick question. Has signing regens been made a lot harder this year on fm2018? I am arsenal and only 1 regen has even discussed a contract with me. Just wondering if it has been made harder. Cheers
  6. everyone has already explained this, it is an "attribute dump" as i like to call it. even though every attribute is not 20 the total sum of all of the attributes together equates to a greater CA of 190. So the attributes are decreasing to fall in line with a CA of 190 that you have selected. The attributes will decrease until they match a CA of 190 and then will stop. They will then increase a small amount to match the CA of 200. An easy way for you to understand this is go to one of your youth players in game. Reduce his CA by 20 points, for example, 130 to 110. Over the next week or 2 keep checking his attributes, you will see they decrease. This is so they match the CA of 110.
  7. sulljda

    Time to finish a season

    i've been playing since the day the beta got released and have managed to reach Dec 10th of first season, English start date and club
  8. The ability to tell your players that only 1 player should close down at any one time
  9. During my matches more and more recently I keep seeing examples of players either moving or not which i feel is totally unrealistic compared to real life and i feel this may be due to the player role i have assigned them. However, the situations in which these unrealistic movements are happening should not be effected by the player roles because any player with half a brain cell would make the movement or not make it. For example, i had my ST 5 yards inside my own half by the halfway line, he has 18 acceleration and 15 pace. The oppositions 2 defenders are 15 yards inside my half, moving and facing toward my goal. So as you can probably imagine my ST is basically all alone onside by being in his own half and all i need is one of my players to boot a half mediocre pass upfield for him to use his pace to chase and be in on goal. Low and behold one of my players actually players a better than mediocre pass for him to chase on to..... well you think he would. My ST for no clear reason decides to walk towards this balls and after a while start to jog. However the chance has gone because obviously the opposition have all sprinted back and shut him down. I literally can never imagine seeing this in real life as anyone with half a brain cell would sprint to the ball, god i can even imagine Balotelli sprinting. I have so many more examples but cba writing them out. I have started to get very frustrated
  10. I feel there are too many goals directly after me or the ai score. Literally i score and then they go down the other end from kick off and score. Or they score against me and i go down the other end and score. I know this does happen IRL but too often in the game i feel. Also at the start of every game there is either a shot on target or a chance created immediately. Gets a bit tedious