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  1. I'll try and get some done over the weekend I've used it for both big and little teams alike. Beat Juventus in the Champions league with the current Villa XI with it. Then went and beat bottom of table palace with it days later. True it's harder against smaller teams. But it's not like they don't attack at all. And if you still have a tactic that provides route to goal you should score. Though admittedly those have been my hardest games and it's where I've put the Dline up. Im playing on Balanced BTW. Give it a try with a split press. You might like it!
  2. First a bit of an admission. Im too busy to do a full post about this...but I will do at some point. Second, in all my years playing FM (and there have been a lot) this is my first time using "less urgent" pressing. And I doubt I'm alone. A quick scan around these forums doesn't reveal many others turning to this instruction either. --- Obviously the fashionable thing at the moment is to press, press, press. Both IRL and on FM. I'd also say it's easier to get a high press working in FM than any other defensive system. However it's not the only way to defend. In fact the age old "2 banks of 4" is just as popular and just as effective today as it's always been. And on any premier league weekend you see plenty of teams dropping into shape, or employing some kind of hybrid initial press before dropping into shape. There are some excellent posts on this forum that look at creating that shape using roles and duties. But one thing no one ever seems to address is their pressing. But why? I get it's not exactly sexy, but less urgent pressing makes your team stay in a compact shape. I think the in game description even mentions this. As a result it's possibly the one TI that could help achieve what a lot of people are looking for, which is a compact block that drops into shape and waits for the opposition to make a mistake. --- As I say Im rather lazily not adding screen grabs and info here, though I can do of there's interest. But I thought I'd describe my experiences of using this with my third season Villa team. Im currently playing a deep 4231 inspired by one of Cleon's old threads, but like Villa IRL I wanted to create a tactic that pressed a bit then dropped into a nice compact mid block. After much hair pulling frustration I chose the less urgent pressing option and it has been transformative. We now drop into shape and make it incredibly hard for the opposition to play through us. What I see onscreen is the action is often dropped to walking pace as there is simply no room for the opposition to find. So instead they commit more and more numbers forward and eventually make a mistake that we can pounce upon and counter at pace. In fact it's produced some of the best counters I've been able to generate in fm21. It's not pretty to look at mind you, I mean you're basically gifting the opposition the ball so they will knock it around with ease. But as long as it's in front of your block, who cares? --- Of course just dropping into a block isn't a plan on its own, you need to know how to defend once you're there. I've found hard tackling useful and sometimes even a higher line to condense things (though that can lead to balls over the top) most useful however has been pressing instructions for my front 4 to close down more. I find this creates a true split block as everyone drops into shape but then the front 4 will press a bit more, leading to turnovers in dangerous areas and ultimately counter opportunities. --- It's only been 10 games since I've started using this but it's been wildly successful so far so I wanted to plant the seed with the tactics community and see if anyone else has had any experience of it? If nothing more I'd say give it a try if you're trying to develop a stubborn counter attacking team. As I say I might drop some screenshots and examples into this over the weekend if I can but for now I'd say go and experiment with this shout, because so far, it's been a game changer for me.
  3. I'd say Todd Cantwell is the most obvious answer. A lot of similarities there which is why Villa are after him IRL
  4. Great stuff you're an absolute hero..final question I promise... On that link There is a GTX 1650 and GTX 1650i for 80 quid more. Is it worth the upgrade or not? Many thanks again. I owe you a virtual beer.
  5. Amazing thanks. Potentially stupid question. Is there a noticeable 200 quid difference between that and say this which I've seen mentioned on here a few times... https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0877L4KMD/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_fabc_RXGJMC8658S4PGMVEY5W?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  6. Hi folks, Looking for a laptop recommendation. It's basically being bought just for FM. I'd love something that handles leagues with ease and has very quick processing times. Playing some 3D but not high specs. Budget around 500-800. What are the things to look out for / options? is it better to go for an actual "gaming laptop" or is that just marketing? Really appreciate any help.
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