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  1. Hi! I've been playing with this tactic (or at least the version with the 2 MEZs published in your other thread) for the last week in my Youth Academy Challenge save. Currently in the first year where I took over South Shields. Predicted to finish 19th. We actually managed to win the league (Vanarama North). I have to say that I was probably lucky, as the analytics say I should have won 15 points less than I did, and finished 5th. But that still would have been an acomplishment with the players that I have. Needless to say there aren't that many Cruyffs running around in Vanarama North... So the tactic can work even with a mediocre team, if you pick your players carefully. The football played can be beautifull. But, as Crusadertsar mentionned, it's not one for the faint hearted, certainly if, like me, you don't change formation against teams playing with 2 or 3 strikers. So, congratulations to the creator of this beauty, and I can't wait to get my ass kicked in the Vanarama National League.
  2. I have tried the 343 tactic in a test save on Touch. Was working quiet well before the update, but after it, I found that I created far less chances. Have you experienced the same thing in your Sociedad save ? Have you found a workaround ?
  3. @04texag Glad to see someone succeed with this system. I've been trying to replicate it myself, without much success. I'm really curious to see what kind of adjustments you make to make it more stable defensively.
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