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  1. Is anyone else having severe injury woes?

    I have created a file using the editor that keeps injuries in check. On the editor there is a tab called 'injuries', going down the list of injuries I have reduced the 'Occurence Ratio' by 50% as well as a lot of the 'Minimum' days by around 25%. I feel it gives greater balance to the game.
  2. Kit ghosting

    Had a look on my game and StewieGriffin is right. The file at fault is in the User Data>kits>Default folder. There is a png file (possibly) called 'effect' (it will be the one that is NOT a number) if you delete/move this icon, the kit ghosting problem will go but the kits will be just plain kits without any texture on.
  3. 1993-94 Downdate for FM14

    Are you coming in from the angle of deleting all players and the putting the new ones in? If you don't run the risk of Leo Messi or Ronaldo signing for a 1993 team! This is what takes the time for me. There are about 17k players of CA>100 AFTER deleting Eng/Fra/Ita/Spa/Sco/Hol, the scouting system being relatively good would mean that a team from that era could end up signing a few modern players from Greece or Israel that would distort the database The power base was England very different. I would have said: Manchester United Liverpool Arsenal and Aston Villa Possibly then Norwich City and Blackburn Rovers (+ Sugar Daddy) Leeds and Newcastle after that. Then youve probably got Everton. I think grading would be the most difficult because to my mind, the CM database at that time was not as sophisticated as to include readable CA/PA's, something that may help is if you had an old copy of Sensi or something from the era. I was doing a rugby database for one of the older FM's and being unable to delete a country was a big problem, in the early 90's you had RCS as opposed to Czech Republic AND Slovakia.
  4. Ctrl+A Not Working

    Hi, The Ctrl+A functionality seems to have dissapeared from the editor. How do you get the database to 'Select All'
  5. Deleting All Players

    Hi, Has anybody found a way to delete all the players yet? For me, not even Alt+A (All) works so I am having so select them one by one, or delete them in a selected group. Thanks
  6. Having Played Russia/Ukraine/Belarus extensivly I would use the China start date of January 2010. That way you get a bit of the previous transfer window with with to work with (ie Sell Players): The problem is that you play 2 Russian cup finals in one year, if you look at the History of the Russian Cup you have already won this with Zenit for the year 2010 (beating Sibir) however you seem to start again in the quarter finals. Also if you are playing in Ukraine you get two transfer windows as their league is Autumn to Spring. I felt I needed another CentreBack for Zenit - one who was Russian so I got Belorukov. I also got Badelj, who has not let me down into any game I have played so far. I had wanted to build a 100% Russian team.
  7. Russian 11.1 patch update

    Well done SI, you managed to p**s off a whole nation on the release of the game, which I believe is debuting in Russian. Release the Bears............
  8. FM 2011: Jano

    Its more like Zhano eg. Жано Ананидзе
  9. Like the ancient tribes I see this (my Champ Man progression) as a type of calendar. I can tell where I was at the time by what CM I was playing, for example in my first year at Uni, CM9798 was all the rage and many an early hour were spent pouring over Svindal Larson, Bakayoko, Robert Page and all. I got sacked IRL for the first time on the day CM0102 was released. I didnt know It had been released on that day so it was a surpise to me, but it softened the blow. I sometimes play this now (using dos box) - I find I have more afinity towards the players and also I am better at the tactics side of things in the older versions.
  10. You might be right - I think its a research point. I myself forget I am playing a game sometimes!
  11. Well Researced Post there. However, I am not sure what financial problems Reading have. A well managed wage structure, A quality youth system (I cant remember many players coming through a Championship youth system and making a £6.5 net gain like Sigurdsson) and a largish stadium. Perhaps not cash rich but probably not 'financial problems' either.....
  12. Last year there was a problem, regarding playing as multiple teams at the same time. The problem was that, playing as muliple teams over a week more and more memory would be taken up. Managing up to eight teams by the time the eighth team played over a matchday the Memory would be over 1.5GB - very often crashing. I would like to know if this has been cleaned up from the off as it took a few patches last time to make any improvements. I would be interested in buying this game if this has been solved. I cannot test it myself as the demo is limited to one player. Thanks.
  13. Talk about a slow learner!

    He will be sorely dissapointed!
  14. Save Game Names?

    Over the years I have had: England - A New Era for England game. Forza Italia for Italy game. Soviet Motherland for Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Deutchland Uber Alles for Germany. Scotland the Brave - you can see where this is going.... Greek Tradegy for my AEK Athens career
  15. Russia Don't but Belarus do.