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  1. asking the broad to install 3/4G pitches. and players refusing to play on said pitches
  2. Thanks but how do you create the XML Eng_u21_0 ect is it like this # Category 1 "STARTING_EPPP_CATEGORY" "Linfield" "1" or the same as the XML for uploading graphics
  3. is there anyway of setting up the EPPP for Northern Ireland And Scotland and or how do you set the custom xml id (would there be some sort of coding template)?
  4. Europa League/Champions League or other confederations Inter-League competition, there should be a option to have league matches moved due to like the Europa League as it stands if a club for Northern Ireland (Due to no football on a Sunday Rule) if they where lucky enough to get to the group stages they would have 2 or 3 games per week depending on domestic cups. the youth set up could be doing with a bit of a revamp, like clubs being able to set a youth development squad to the likes of the Foyle Cup, Super Cup NI (formerly the N.I Milk Cup), Barcelona Football Festival and other international youth football tournament for between U16-U20
  5. I would love to see a better National team set up something along the lines of the club set up like Head of Youth Development and a Natonal Boradroom so you can request money to be put into grassroots, etc . Currently I can't have my National training before games would love to see that sorted. Currently I can't have B international for some reason
  6. As the title says is there anyway of having 4 different nation rules (Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland) but be able to have playable senior, intermediate and junior levels. Because I've tried 4 different nation rules loaded into the game but the league and club logos go everywhere because of the UID number? each nation rule works fine but if i merge them and try and play a game I'm getting pop up saying them some leagues are missing teams or having to many teams
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