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  1. Thank you. Will be fun to play, curiousity getting the better of me with high profile players!
  2. Been thinking of changing the league tables for the top 5 leagues, lower league teams in top flight divisions whilst top flight teams in the lower divisions. Might be fun to see how teams like Exeter, Barnet, Crewe etc perform in the premiership whilst Man Utd, Man City, Liverpool etc do in the lower leagues, how quickly can they go up to the premiership, state of players/finances etc. Would want to do this in England, Spain, Germany, France and Italy. Is there a quick way to do this or do I have to do each individual team 1 by 1?
  3. Georgey, that was an awesome shout with Coutinho. So far these are his stats. Played 9 (2) Goals 5 Assists 6 AVG rating not so high with 7.36 but in general, very happy with that signing. Once he is very familiar in the F9 role......scary thought!!!
  4. Always find it funny when a player who was crap ends up being a decent coach for the role that he was useless at. Thanks for the heads up btw, just signed him for Spurs!!!
  5. I signed him, but he can't get into my midfield so loaned him out to Villa. He's played 3 games there and doing well.
  6. Just signed him for 52m including addons. Retraining him to play as a false 9 and Kane as my complete forward. Not played him yet as he isn't fully fit but exited about having him.
  7. Thanks for your suggestions everybody. Signed Gabbiadini, but he isn't quite up to scratch for me. Will definitely look at Coutinho and retrain him. Sold Lamela, Son and Sissoko so have alot of money to play with. How much did you pay for Coutinho? Tried o sign Tevez but he wouldn't come to me.
  8. Thanks Welshace. Going for Gabbiadini as he's not too expensive so can get reinforcements in Defence.
  9. Looking for a decent false 9 to play alongside Kane. Was thinking of retraining Lamela for that role, but want a first teamer from the start. Have 50m to spend first season with Spurs. Thinking Lacazzete? Playing a 5-1-1-1-2 formation with the F9 to be a vital role in my team. Thanks in advance!
  10. Nice find. Sold Ben Davies so was looking for a decent backup to Rose in a wingback formation. Looks like he could be it:)
  11. Yeah ok, you've convinced me to buy him too
  12. Some of you are more devious than me Someone said to ditch the wife, she is like a boomerang. Tried that but it keeps flying back on her supercharged broomstick through the back window!!! Seriously though, bought it and installing it as we speak, so looking forward to playing it now. Thanks for all the hints and tips guys, its appreciated. Just need to go out to get myself some cloves of garlic and a cross to keep her away from me!!!
  13. Problem with that is she will see the statement from the bank:(
  14. Hi all, rather strange question for you all. This may sound dodgy, but I promise you it isn't. I haven't bought or played FM in a couple of years (lost job, so can't buy luxury goods). Itching to play FM, so wanna get it without the missus knowing (she'll kill me and I'm scared of that great housemonster that makes dracula seem like a pussycat). If I buy it, can I register the code on steam and download it at a later date? Situation is I live in Sweden but came to Cyprus to go to nieces wedding and to see parents. Bored in the evenings so wanna buy it and install on this crappy old laptop. Will I be able to install from steam when I go back to Sweden with no problems? My devious plan is to buy it, install it, register it on steam, discard the disc and case etc, then when I go back to Sweden, download it onto my desktop which isn't as crappy as this laptop. Thanks in advance!!
  15. Εφχαριστο ρε φιλε μου Translation: Thanks you mate. Another great update from you Pro!!! I don't post on the forums regularly, but I lurk about a little bit and always use your updates.
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